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In the beginning of time a great king and the strongest of demons waged a war, little is known about this event. Since then, the world has 10 great kingdoms divided into power levels, the q being the "weakest" and the first being the strongest. Lumi's big dream is to unravel the mysteries of this world and find out what really happened, but he is weak and talentless. Great adventures await you in dungeons, the outside world or even human conflicts. We will have multiple views, romance, funny scenes and love.

Romantizm 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Once again, I broke into the admission exam. "Come on Lumi, Lift," shit, speaking like that, does not look like I'm all hurt, but why not try?

I still get up to feel pain and look in the green eyes of this tall and muscular instructor holding a sword that is bigger than me.

"If you continue like this, you will have to give up your dream to enter the guild, and be baker,". He says with a malicious smile on his face.

"I think you've brought a stronger monster than the common." I got up taking the dust out of my torn clothes and looked around, there are many stronger warriors than I here, in real, who is no longer stronger than me here?

After another defeat and a beautiful failure, I decided to give up on the Great School of the Kingdom 10 and return to work as a baker.

On the way to my house I stopped at the fountain of Karin's city and found two of my friends: Bruno and João. They seem very excited to enter the city's defense patrol... Mirins.

Bruno is the oldest of us, at the age of 18, already João is 17, and I... 16.

"Hello Lumi! I heard the exam... Do you want to go eat something?" Bruno looked well excited, rare to see him like that.

"This time, it's on my own!", João as usual, talk to me as he watches a girl...

"Look, I just need to try on again-" Before I stop talking I saw the girl of my dreams, with his beautiful blond and smooth hair coming up to the middle of his back, Gruni of pain.

"Broaning the chances that you do not have." Bruno was right after passing my hand on my boxexa I answer with a low-tone "She's from the royal family of Tera, it's almost impossible for someone to have a chance."

After shaking John to take the hearts from his eyes we went to a small restaurant to eat, after my friends go although I went back to my house that stays out of the walls of Karin's city.

I was well received by my mother, sister and father. We are happy here. After a beautiful shower I threw myself on the bed and erased it at the time, after all, tomorrow I will start my days as a baker.

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