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Steve is a lawyer. His brother murdered changes his life. Steve tried to find the culprit who killed his brother. On the other hand, He tries to get justice for his brother.

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Where i ever be

steve was sleeping and he wakes up with the noise which was coming from outside. He falls a sleep because he thought that he imagined it. After sometime, he heard that someone pounding on the door. Steve gets up and looks outside the window. He sees that two man standing out side in the uniform. Steve goes down to the stairs and opens the door.

Steve" Hi' how can I help?

police officer 1" Sir' sorry to bother you. Can we come inside.

Steve" Yeah' of course, where is my manner.

police officer 2" Sir" i want you to sit down because we want to talk to you about your brother.

Steve goes to the fridge and takes water bottle. He pour water in the glass. He grabs the glass and sits on the couch.

Steve" You caught him in DUI. I am a lawyer and I know one or two thing about law.

Police officer 2" Sir' you do not understand. I just want to tell you that your brother passed away.

Glass drops from his hand. Steve sits there like statue. He did move for some minutes after hearing that news. Both officers worries about him and one officer come close to him and touches his shoulder. He looks up to him.

Steve" I do not understand because he went to meet his agent. His will interduce him with manager of record company. Chris was very happy because he was starting his solo singing career.

Police officer 1" We are sorry for your loss. We want you to come to the morgue and identify him. You can come tomorrow.

Steve did not gave any response to them.

Police officer 2" Are you Okay? We are leaving now.

Steve" Yeah'

The gives him adress of the hospital and leaves the house. Steve started crying loudly. He throws things in the room. Steve looks at the picture of chris and grabs the picture in his hand. He started talking to the picture.

Steve" You said" you will takecare of me. You will never leave me. How can you leave me here alone? You were always says that we live together forever, nothing come between us.

At 5.00 O'CLOCK, He hears that Janna Sanderson calling him.

Janna" Please open the door. I heard in the news. Is this true.

Steve stands up and walks toward the door. He opens the door. Janna hugs him. They comes to the kitchen. She started making breakfast.

Janna" Did you eat something. If you didn't then i making breakfast for us.

Steve" They want me to come to the morgue and identify him. They did not tell me, what happened to him?

She comes close to him and holds his hand.

Janna" I know its not easy for you but you have to do it for your brother. if you cannot go then i will go to the morgue and police station. First you need to eat.

Steve" No' i will go to the morgue. I am not hungry. I am going for a walk.

When they were going for a walk. They saw a man coming close to them. Janna trying to stop him.

Janna" Do not create a scene here, Fred" He is already upset.

Fred" Don't touch me. That family ruins people life. what are you looking?

Steve grabs his neck. Brat is looking all of this from distance. He runs toward them and try to stop Steve.

Brat" Let him go, Steve" You don't want to that. I know you are mad. stop it.

Janna" please stop, you are hurting him.

Steve pushes him and leaves the scene. Janna goes with Steve and Brat goes to Fred and checks that he is okay.

Brat" Are you okay?

Fred" I will get him arrested. He is idiot.

Brat" Calm down, you instigated him to attack you. I saw with my own eyes. Its not the time and place.

Fred" You are blaming me. Yeah; i know you are his bestie and savior.

Brat pushes him and leaves him there. He walks toward DINNER DINER. His family own this diner.

Janna and Steve arrives at the police station. They sits on the bench. A man come close to him and sits with him.

Detective Matthew" Sorry to hear that. I do not want to bother you but I have some question in my mind. If you answer those question now. It will helps them in our investigation.

Steve" What investigation, how did my brother die?

Detective Mathew" You did not tell him.

Janna" He is already upset and I think its not my place to tell.

Steve" What's going on. Please tell me, what happened to my brother.

Detective Matthew" Your brother is murdered. We found Chris's body in Damon Faller house.

Steve" He killed my brother. I know for sure.

People in the police station grabs him. Suddenly a man comes in the police station. He hugs Steve.

Lucas" You are hurting him. Let him go. Are you okay? Lets come with me.

They goes to the room. The sees that one body is laying the table covered by white sheet. Steve comes close to the table. Lucas get off the sheet from his face. Steve sees the face and falls down to the ground. Lucas helps him get up.

Lucas" I think we should go home.

When they are going home. An old lady standing outside her house. She called Steve. He walks toward her and holds her hand.

Lady Maura Hardeled" How you holding up?. Chris was a fine child. He came to see me before the night he died. My heart shattered today. (Tears is coming down of her face).

Janna" I know how much you love him. I will come later and help you in your household work.

Steve was sitting there with silence. Lucas brings cane and gives to Lady Maura. She did not like it.

Lady Maura" How dare you touch my cane?. I don't like him. I am blind but I can take care my self.

Lucas" I didn't mean to offand you. I just want to help you.

Lady Maura" Do not come near my house.

Lucas" Why you hate me so much.

They were started arguing with each other. Janna cuts them off.

Janna" I think we need to go home. Steve needs to rest. He didn't sleep last night.

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