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A distance heartbeat away

I was fond to capture an image of what my heart wants. Even at shallow parts i picked the calmed shore. I knew you behind the actual you. At first i was sure that along this journey call life, it was you that will be by my side.

Whenever you are out of my site, never was a time that you were out of my mind. When i go out, the lust right before my eyes BUT it was only you that that was on my mind. When i see lovers in fine dine and sharing a wine I wished the same but i turn a blindeye.

The distance didnt matter. I gave my all and put aside my fear and i conquer all. I think of you day and night, hoping that you are alright. Keep checking my time and wonder if im ever in your mind. Then i blame myself for when we fight and quickly text to apologise.

I remain the same human kind even when with tears at night hoping that it was just a small fight nothing more to be off freight. Then il just sing a lullaby and dream of you as my main guy.

But then ive come to realize that while i was faithful in your eyes, you play your game and lived with a lie. That you was never sastify when i was apart of you life. And if only you can testify and tell me straight to my eyes then il be ok to put aside

But i guess its alright. At least im at peace with my mind. Hopefully you will realize that leaving someone behind to fulfill your mankind was worth enough to delete you out of my mind. May the memories we share meet again in despair and kisses to the sky that love is nothing but a big fat lie.

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