Milly Jean Jonson

Lucy and mason embark on a new adventure together and it’s name is Avery. Then Lucy finds something new out about herself with the help from mason and Avery

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Green heights

once upon a time there was a 17 year old girl who's name was Lucy. Lucy was magical she had wings and she stayed young. her favorite thing to do was to stop people from arguing. one day Lucy was out walking in green hiegths it was a city in Washington full of magical people like her. everyone in green heights had all sorts of powers some have horns, wings, fly without wings. there were vampires and werewolves and other unheard of shifters. Lucy felt left out by all she could do was fly or so she thought. but as she's walking in green hieghts she hears shouting down the next turn so she fly over to see what's going on and she sees to men fighting she drops in the middle and they both stop to look at her it was a vampire and a werewolf

Lucy said to them- what are you guys doing

the vampire Mrs Davis responds- he stole something from my store

the werewolf Mrs mason responds with- no I didn't I was running and he grabbed my shirt and ripped it

Lucy- see boys there's no reason to fight neither of you did anything wrong Mrs Davis go back to your store and get cleaned up and Mrs mason go back home and put a new shirt on

these two men where normally as sweet as can be.? hmmm?

but Mrs mason didn't leave when Lucy told him to he followed her

Lucy's head

Mrs mason sure does look good without a shirt ☺️ok no stop it

not Lucy's head

Mrs mason caught up to Lucy as she was a fast walker

mason- Lucy

Lucy- where's your new shirt mason

mason- I didn't get one I just wanted to say thanks for stopping that fight before it got bad I just found out my ex wife the mother of my daughter died and I didn't know I had a daughter she's 3 and she's coming to live with me

Lucy- what! wow! what are you going to do

mason- I don't know I mean I have a four bedroom house but I'm all alone no one to help me I'm not ready

Lucy- I have an idea what if I move into one of the extra rooms and I'll help you with everything

mason- you'd really do that for me

Lucy- of course so what's her name

mason- Avery

Lucy- ok let's go to your house

mason- ok

Lucy- I'll have my stuff but in boxes and we'll bring them over tmrw when does she get here

mason- in one week

Lucy- that's plenty of time!!

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am autum may
It’s amazing can’t wait for next weeks
August 05, 2021, 20:14