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Gilead was the only server from the vampire clan. He becomes vicious after known the truth about the death of his clan by the wolf clan and decided to revenge. Along the way, he falls in love with a student. Tyler was his friend who help him to attain his mission.

Korku Gothic horror 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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Chapter 1

The vampire clan was implemented

100 years ago and Gilead was the only survivor. His family sent him away the day he was tortured because they knew what the council of wolves was planning. The whole clan of vampires was killed because

they denied, join hands with the wolves. . the wolf king was planned to inherit the kingdom of the Vampires,

Gilead's father discovered it and disavow the proposal. Gilead's mother was sent to the mountain called Gilead and he was named after it.

Mountain Gilead was the coldest place. Selina passed away after four hundred years on the fifth of July. she warned Gilead not to leave and rummage for the massacre of his clan.

Gilead was the last vampire to survive for more than five hundred years after his mother passed on. He continued to reside in the mountains and play with animals but his mind gets preoccupied with the books that he read about the human world and how evil the wolf clan was, he craved to go out and find out why the wolf clan Implemented his clan because his mother never mentioned it. The only companion that he was having was animals because his clan has told him not to expose his originality.

Hie! I'm Gilead, as he walks toward the lady trying to handshake each other.

Hie! Nice to meet you, I'm Leona." she exclaimed, "

Gilead was a tall, handsome guy with white as ruddy.his locks were wavy and cheek like a bed of spices,

his brims were frequently wet.

A guy always in black and never took off his clothes, less babbling but with one glance

he vets everything

They exchange words as they take their sits.

it was the first time Gilead to be

in the city, he was staring at

everything with excitement in his gazes.

Leona took him to her house as he lied

to her that he mislay the address of where his destination

This is my house! "Leona echoed"

as she took the keys out in her


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