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Skeeping a day without seeing that especial someone


It was Wednesday,after the day Tuesday,the day she got to see a mericle.they had a chat since morning then he told her that he is still busy ,she then felt sad.

Oratilwe seemed like she doesn't want to skip a day without seeing that especial someone,but lucky she managed to get used to the fact that the guy wasn't always free but had other things to do.Oratilwe felt like this was her chance to change her life forever,even though her family gave her negative impacts about her life stating that she does not deserve to live anymore,but oratilwe kept quiet because she knew she was more than what her Family thinks about her.So she kept quiet and did not tell them how she feels because they did not care about her feelings or what she's going through.

Both Oratilwe and the guy,felt that this was their time to enjoy and have great moments together after such rough times. And all went good and peaceful because their bond was getting stronger,which made it clear that something about them was meant to be

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