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This about another new challenges that is jealous and envy me they want to destroy me but I keep winnin

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New Mission On 2021 1

I just have a vision the new male devil is preparing the plan to destroy the high vibrational people on 2021 we r so prepared for another challenger obla is preparing us for r new mission now the new male devil try to call all his karmic friends to help him make a plan to destroy me dam y is he so envy n jealous of me for no reason is because of my ex that he interest in that still want to b with me.

I just saw an old man took the little girl dog n flew her n the dog all the way to outside of the plane n fell all the way down to the ground then the old men pretend the dog was dead then he kidnaps the dog to say that little girl she was upset then I took the dog out of the old man hand n give to the little girl he got arrested for stealing the dog n tell lies about the dog.

I just have dreamed there a new karmic girl went in the air n saw the clam garden, the new battle about to start in the middle of 2020 to 2021now.

The new karmic girl came to a wealthy man's house about to put a spell on him he about to be controlled by her now she becomes the grown up man sucklebist it now just begin of the new mission has started. Omg, I saw something in my vision it the new devil male person he brought two friends of his to go to the clam garden to target the grown wealthy man that owns the clam garden it about to b a new battle my team Sun Sakura n The MoonLight team disguised themself n we pretend to b the wealthy man waitress n waiter n The Star Dragon n DragonFighter team disguised them self as a maid n butler to protect him from the karmic groupies.

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