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An outsider, a fugitive, this is what they all call me, I'm something, which no one will understand, the one they want to kill, they will never capture me... they will never know my secrets. Who I am, why I am, who I am... they will never win...

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Year 2050.

Planet Etheria.

8 o’clock.

The caving of my legs aches badly, I can’t hold this sprinting any longer, they have become stronger and smarter by the minute.

One officer jump before me, his barrel shivers, and a few more surround me, “Stop right there, you’re not escaping this time, outsider,”

I peer at the leader strolling toward me, cuffs swinging in his free hand. The beating of my heart can escape my chest any second,

“Please, I don’t have what you want,” The other three officers gawk blankly at me, their heads swinging left and right whispering toward each other,

“We have been told, you have exactly what we need, thief, this time, you will remain in prison until your corpse rot,”

I battle against them, the leader twists my arms backward, grinning sickly, “I don’t have what you need,” I slam my head into his groaning, “Damn it, woman, don’t make this hard,”

I jump over them and start sprinting again, I won’t go down so easily… my skin slides against the ground, “Damn it, we have you now,”

I glance at my draining leg, “Come on, get up, get up!” I force and start sprinting again, ignoring the pain bolting through,

“What is she made off?” My skin slides against the ground, once again, the weight of something holds me down, uncomfortably,

“You violate the code, you will surrender,”

I scramble underneath him,

“No, I will not,”

My fingers grasp around a large rock, and with all my strength, I swing, striking him across the skull. He collapses to the ground, unconscious, the others rush for me, grabbing my shoulders and hoisting me onto my feet.

"Let me go."

I try kicking one man in front of me away but two others grab my feet. I kick harder. Kicking out my foot as hard as I could, one kick in the shin while the other grabs my legs.

“You are being uncooperative, if you had complied you would be on your way back to prison. . .”

He lifts me by my neck.

“So, you see that you do not belong here. . .”

His eyes flash red and his grip tightens around my throat, I cough, unable to breathe, and struggle desperately for air. Tears gather in my eyes, the world becomes black and blurry, and I try to fight. To breath. And yet. . . nothing happens. . . he releases my neck from behind me, and I collapse, coughing and wheezing.

“P-please. . .”

“It seems we are done with you now, traitor.”

Before me, another three soldiers kneel before him, they stand and raise their weapons in unison. A chill runs down my spine, my palms cover my mouth, a sob escapes and I look at the officer holding me captive; the one who had held my hair back when I was thrown inside the cell, the same officer whose smile still haunts me even after eight years. The officer killed his mother because she did not follow his rules.

“No. . . No. . . I do not have what you need. . . Please.”

I crawl forward, still trying to manipulate them . . . if only my powers would work, I can easily escape this, but I have no choice but to act this lowly. Tears stream down my cheeks whilst I reach for his arm. He drops me, grinning devilish. I fall to the ground gasping for air and crying out. Clutching my side, my legs have no feeling.

“No. No. Please. Stop. Please.”

My voice fades into silence as I sit there motionless until I hear the click of a blaster. I slowly turn my head and watch in horror as a soldier steps up, raising his weapon in the air.

“This time we shall kill you, traitor, whether we get the rocks or not.”

Rocks? Rocks? Oh, no, if they manage to find them. . . he squeezes the trigger snapping me out of my worries. . . However, it does not fire. I stare in horror as the guard freezes with the gun raised in the air; his body slumps to the ground. A large crimson red stain appears beneath him. Blood pools on the floor, his face contorts in agony, then finally his whole body crumbles to dust. In the background, I hear the sounds of footsteps approaching. A young man walks out from behind the building, a pistol pointed straight ahead. The sound stops abruptly when they catch sight of the dead guard.

“She killed him.”

“She used her powers.”

“I thought we were safe from them.”

Their faces changed and a cold sweat covers their bodies. They lower their weapons, looking at each other uneasily, and slowly continue to march toward me. The one with the pistol stops just a few meters away and points it directly at my forehead.

“Are you finished or do I need to shoot?”

“No, please.”

My eyes water and roll to the side as an involuntary whimper leaves my lips.

“Please, I never meant for any of this to happen.”

His face remains expressionless and unwavering. I realize the severity of his intentions. The moment that he aims my life will be over, but I know I will do everything in my power to prevent the bullet from reaching my skull. My breathing quickens and the sound echoes throughout the forest. Their walking stops and their eyes land on me, a strange mix of emotion flashes across their facial features. Some fear. Some anger. Some curiosity. My breathing increases even further; I squeeze my eyes shut tightly and hold my breath. Counting to five. I can destroy them instantly, with a snap of my fingers they’ll all be dust. . . Doing so will cause severe problems and I cannot allow any of it, so I have to play low. Seconds tick by and nothing happens, my heart pounds wildly in my chest. Footsteps approach me strongly and several minutes later the guards disappear . . . I open my eyes to my fingers, staying still before me, blue illuminating the dark forest, almost like stars.

“My p-powers. . .”

I take my stand slowly, puffing on what feels like my last remaining air. Will they be able to find me again? I think it is unlikely, but just in case, maybe I should search for somewhere safe to lay low until the sun goes down. Maybe then I will get a chance. Maybe. Just maybe I can have hope.

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