Lapis Lazuli Circus

the story takes place in an alternate universe Humans don't exist and and in their place are people made out of living crystal. However there are alien machines that attack the gems and use their shattered forms to attempt to create humans The story is based on real gems and is centered around A gem person know as Blue Opal. Blue Opal has a hardness of 5.5 and is not allowed to fight the machines(titled Droids) as gems with a hardness below 6 are easily shattered and taken. Opal is given a new job to compile a biography on all the gems even ones that have been taken by the droids In doing so he (the gems don't have genders but are sometimes referred to by whichever gender they seem to be closer to) meets another gem known as Stibnite a aloof and poisonous gem with a hardness of 2 and Cinnabar(mercury) inclusions who leads Opal to be suspicious of the droids and their true purpose.

Macera 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil. © This book is owned by L. L. Circus. Names, persons, events, and places are entirely fictional and as such a creation of the author. As of 2021 this book and any content it contains are property of the author.

#gore #death #violence #sexualcontent #adventure #fantasy #alternateworld #GemPeople # #Gems
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Chapter 1: Opal

"All right!" A long haired yellow gem said as they ran through the grass alongside their partner a gem with braided pink hair.

"Yellow!" She called.

"Oh right! Opal I know you are out here!" She said skidding to a stop.

Her yellow ponytail glittering in the light.

A blue themed iridescent gem sat up in the grass.

"Oh yellow diamond!" They asked.

"There you are. Sensei wants to speak to you"

"Oh? Oh! Does this mean that I'll be fighting against the droids like you?"

"I dunno about that but he seemed serious about it." Yellow diamond replied.

"Yellow we should get going-" the pink haired gem began but she was interrupted by a red haired gem. Informing them of a droid attack. Yellow said that they would take care of it.

"Yellow aren't you going to inform Sensei of that?"

"No we need to give sensei a break once in a while y'know?"

They ran off.

"come on Pink Fluorite"

"Well that is just rude. Oh I'll worry about it later. Today is the day!"

Arriving at a building made of what appeared to concrete. Opal confronted Sensei about his new job.

"Yes I do have a new job for you."

A tall figure answered. They had light purple hair and a black hoodless cloak covering most of body. The figure appeared to be male.

"Oh Yellow Diamond and Pink Fluorite went off to go handle a droid attack"

A brief look of surprise flashed on Sensei's face. Then without a word sensei took off.

"Uhh Sensei?" Opal questioned.

" Carnelian bring the others" sensei stated referring to the red gem who had spoken about the droid to yellow.

"Opal recite the history of the gems"

As sensei walked several other gems all wearing identical gems ran beside them.

"Right. us. the Gem People." Opal said struggling to keep up.


"The earth was hit by six asteroids and the droids descended.

They discovered the life of mysterious sparkling creatures"

"- known as the gem people"

"These sparkling creatures were discovered to be alternate life forms of humans who the droids wish to create.

They were given the title of the matrix gems as they were believed to be the start of some thing new"

One gem known as gold wished to create humans as well and started a rebel gold lost and retreated to the droids thus ensuring the attack of the droids.

And umm...."

"Eventually the matrix gems title was claimed by gold who wished to become the ruler of these mysterious humans. Hmm you have improved."

We are here"

"Huh what about my new job!"

"Your job will be far from the battle field."

"Aww" Opal groaned.

"Now as for you two", sensei said turning toward the shattered and broken crystal forms of Pink fluorite and Yellow Diamond.

"Hn? What happened?!"

Opal asked the them. Yellow sat up to face the wrath of Sensei.

"Looking out for me were you? Don't you know it's far to early for that!? You have no right to be so quick to assume you can handle the droids on your own!!"

He yelled with such force that yellow broke in several fragments.

Yellow shattering wasn't the only sound heard.

The next sound was opal yelping as he broke into pieces.

Opal broke up completely.

Only his head and torso remained in near intact.

"Ah I lost control, my apologies Blue Opal"

Blue Opal could only stare at him with his body in suspended animation.

"Pietersite collect their fragments" sensei stated referring to a red orange and blue haired gem.

Faster than lightning it seemed she had all the broken gems in several bags.

"As for your new job you are to compile a biography on all the gems."

"WHAT?!" Opal cried."that sounds boring!" He wailed.

"Please if you know your fellow gems you will be able to benefit from this information in combat.

I'm certain your true potential can be accessed if you give this job a chance" Sensei told him.

Opal merely groaned insisting that the job was too boring.

"So sensei do want him to be like Jelly Opal?" Another gem asked. They had dark blue hair tied in a low bun.

"Azurite?Who's jelly opal?" Opal asked.

The blue haired gem turned to Opal's bag and stated that Jelly Opal was a more intelligent version of opal.

"Azurite you meanie!" Opal shrieked.

Wriggling around in the bag not going anywhere.

Later a completely repaired Opal stood holding his clipboard.

He was right next to Yellow and was asking him about the orange shards and wondering if they were fragments of Citrine.

Yellow states that he believes they are and question Pietersite if Citrine can be brought back.

Pietersite states that since the gems cannot truly die there is a likely chance of Citrine's revival.

Pietersite finishes repairing Pink flourite and the two prepare to leave.

As they run by Opal grabs them and begs to exchange jobs.

Pietersite stops and looks at opal curiously.

Pink flourite feeling a bit of sympathy offers Opal their sword.

Opal grabs the sword which to his surprise is heavier than he thought and the sword is thrown out of the sheath as he holds it up in the air.

Opal fell backwards and threw in the air the clipboard as well. The clipboard fell on his face blocking the path of the sword. Shielding his face from cracking at the impact.

"Yellow, were you hoping it would hit me?"

"Maybe I was" yellow huffed.

"Thank goodness you didn't break"Pink flourite sighed.

Pink flourite retrieved their sword.

They both left Opal alone. Pietersite had resumed their work and had left as well.

"Can I really do this though?"

Opal asked as he picked up the clipboard.


That's it I don't know where to begin."

"How hard can it be? All you have to do is write down info about the gems!"

Opal glanced at yellow diamond. A irritated look gracing his features. "Y- nobody asked you!" Yellow grabbed the clipboard.

"So you aren't going to bother? Wow I can't say I'm surprised" they muttered.

"Its not like I'm deliberately trying to not do it. But deciding how to section it into categories is hard" Opal argued grabbing for the clipboard.

"I mean there's color, age, type, hardness, the list is endless!" He protested.

"Good to know you have a valid argument for NOT doing it cause that is what it sounds like" yellow mused with a half smirk.

"Maybe you can ask an elder gem like Carnelian or Agate or even Stibnite", a kinder voice offered belonging to Pink Fluorite. Opal's eyes seem to sparkle at this.

"Will they do half the work for me? There are a lot of gems to go through you know!"

"Hmmm.... Agate is the librarian maybe they would be the best choice." Pink Fluorite mused as they were thinking.

"Wha-! Don't help! Opal has to figure this out for himself!" Yellow argued.

Opal slipped off to find the library.

When he found it he learned to his dismay it was a labyrinth.

He searched for Agate and ended up lost and convinced that he's circled the same bookshelf three times.

"Oh great now I'll never find Agate I'm completely lost", Opal groaned and slumped against the edge of a bookshelf.

"Well if you weren't lost then you could never find what you were looking for. You wouldn't need to be lost to find it otherwise everyone would know where it is", a gem with multi colored hair said almost materializing next to Opal startling him.

"Uhh your advice doesn't make any sense I'll just come back later", Opal said timidly. As soon as he left the entire building he realized why he wanted to see Agate in the first place.

Sighing as he noticed the sun getting ready to set he was going to turn from the cliffside and go back. But then a droid arrow appeared. And so did a gem person with black shoulder length hair blocking the arrow with a mass of silver liquid acting as a shield.

Opal fell on the ground a bit of the silver liquid falling on his face and calves. He landed without breaking miraculously.

"You!" They said in a demanding tone.


"Why are you here at this hour? Five and a half!?"they barked turning slightly to face the younger gem.

Opal gaped a bit shocked. "I'm I--i--i-", he started.

"Nevermind!" The gem shouted turning to face the droid. It looked like a giant white robotic turtle. The shell armored with automatic arrows and spears.

"I hate this. Living like this makes me sick-" the gem murmured but suddenly their shards took their words to heart as they threw up vomitting more of that silver liquid.

The black colored gem used their liquid silver to corrode the droid's defenses crippling it and causing the droid to shut down. However jumping into the air to fire at it caused the gem to fall off the cliff into the ocean.

As they were falling they noticed Opal using the clipboard to try and help them. Opal had leaned over the cliff extending his arms with the clipboard just within the gem's reach. The other gem grabbed it but Opal flinched at the sudden weight, his lower arms cracking and then breaking off, falling with the gem he'd tried to help.

He sat up. Great I've lost my arms.

The other gem appeared behind him again. "You didn't need to do that", they stated.

Opal glanced at them suddenly feeling tired.

The gem sighed and grabbed Opal before he fell off the cliff tossing Opal's arms away from the sliver liquid on the ground near them.

"My name is Stibnite. Pietersite will have to scrape that off. It's because of my Cinnabar replacement limbs that silver is always destroying things.....particularly anything it touches." Stibnite sighed and tossed Opal next to his arms.

Stibnite's own arm breaking and falling in the poison.

"Shoot", he cursed. He glanced at Opal who said nothing.

"Even though I called you five and a half, I'm the lowest of all the gems. A hardness of 2" he remarked sorrowfully.

Later, Yellow diamond and pink flourite came up to the same cliff and found Opal laying there. "Opal what did...... you do?" Yellow questioned.

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