M. Sorna Lakshmi

This story is about Ara. How she thinks and act to younger and elder.

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Get ready for school.

Ara face looks oval. Her eyes look parallel. She has narrow nose and heart shaped lip and Red Velvet's joy. She is 175.5 cm. Every girl look jealous about her height. This makes her laugh. she wears uniform and get ready for school.

Utrakand gazes warm ivory. His eyes look pure hazel. He has short nose and uneven lip. He is little short and 167 cm. He is playing with pet. He have been ready for first day.

Ara is crossing the road. she is thinking about her past friends. she have been missing their buddy. she continues on her thought. she doesn't in present situations. suddenly a truck comes. She becomes alert.

Utrakand is hearing music. Music is playing. KING KONG KICK THE DRUM ROLLING ON LIKE A ROLLLING ON LIKE A ROLLING STONE...... A track is coming on his way. He doesn't in the real situation. He is reacting on the song. He loves to play.

Ara is helping the little short boy. Hey dude what happen to you. can't you be proper in the way. you stupid. If I am not here. you will be in hell. please, live in heaven. where are you at.

Utrakand has shocked and scarred. He doesn't listen to her. So, he says to her. NICE TO MEET YOU. Thankyou for your help. I am sorry. I will follow next time. okay bye NOONA.

Both of them rushing to school.

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Devika Raj Devika Raj
Very nice. Keep writing the stories. All the best for your future..
July 16, 2021, 08:00

MS M. Sorna Lakshmi
Dear BOOKWORM, Give your comments.
June 22, 2021, 10:04

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