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Atoms and space

The buildings tower over 30 floors above soaring high, my head held back and eyes dim. I used my hand to shield the light so I can see to the very top.

On the street the bustling traffic causes havoc, while the trains barks and squeels, it's wheels pound and screech on the iron road called tracks.

We are so busy, everyone is pacing fast, walking to catch the bus, or the train. I heard sounds, noises and more noises. The beastly sound of a heavy beat-box doing it's best to join in the corrosion.

Today was not different, why should it be? Would a hard working mom going back home to buy a bit of food to feed her young or her incumbent sick family mean anything to that pick-pocket? And that man who decided he didn't like the hand that touched yours while the train jolted, should it cause an argument?

We live in a world, dominated my space and atoms. the one you breathe in, free as it is it's repelling because, we occupy it and another owns it. This sweep of mind allows you to enjoy only so much while they tower above us looking down on those who serve them. If they pull the plug, we could be in big problems. They live, to manipulate the system. They are as conspicuous as atoms. they control every little space you occupy and you are their puppet. If they cut the strings you'd cry to be dangling from the end of their poles as long as you are being satisfied and tied.

I have come to realize that there is much more going on in our world and beyond it.. if they could they would dominate the universe but they can't. They will do all they are privileged to and when they are tired of that they raise the bar because like the buildings... the sky is their limit and they can't reach it... if while they can get more from those who occupy earth is getting the results they want why stop?

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