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"Drive your cart and plow over, the bones of the dead " - William Blake English is not my native language so it may have some mistakes. But i really enjoyed writing it, a lot of time has passed since the last time i did it, and it actually help me practice some stuff. Thanks for reading i guess..

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The Doctor's question

And where did your scattered bones go?

Where the proud, the men

They're being crushed by rutinary ways

No purpose lies there

And that look in your eyes

Was it taken from you too?

The only true shame

is to never have fought

The true house of the Holy

Lies between ribs and lungs

And filthy scraps of bones

And that fort cannot be taken

just if their defenders leave

the Gates open, the house unguarded

given away for the pillage and plunder

So with no shame, the doctor asked:

Where did your scattered bones go, friend?

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