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The oak plantation (true story)

It was my last day in my maternal grandparents house. I was really sad. My cousin brother told that "let's go for a photo shoot in oak plantation." And that's the thing which makes a girl happy! I was ready to go. My bhaiya (brother) took out the Scootie, and we sat on it and finnaly went. I was really excited, as this was my first photo shoot ever. But as I reached there my excitement got low. Suddenly I felt a strange weakness inside my body. The plantation was beautiful. The trees were planted in a parallel line, making the plantation amazing, bright and spooky. The trees were planted left and right, and in the middle there was a path to go by. We were going from that path. As we were moving further, I was having a headache and a stomach pain. Then we found a perfect spot for clicking pictures. We got off the scooti. My brother clicked lot of pictures of mine. And then we departed for more nice spots for photo shoot in the plantation. Again we found a perfect spot for clicking photos. I clicked a picture and then saw it. I noticed in this picture that above me there was a shadow facing the camera like me. I looked closely and saw that the shadow had eyes, a long nose and a smiling lips. I was in a verge of crying. Suddenly I felt that someone ran very fastly back of me. I was very scared. I told Bhaiya (brother) to go back home. with a deep breath I ran towards the Scootie, and sat. My Bhaiya (brother) told "What happened". I tried to say something but my throat got closed, I was literally not able to speak! My Bhaiya (brother) started the Scootie. And we were finnaly going. I turned back and saw a man waving at me. His body as well as his face was covered with a black blanket and he was holding a stick in his left hand, and waving me with his right hand. But I got a shock when I saw that instead of the legs the man's lower part was a bit blurry! I was just so scared. Tears were coming out of my eyes. If Bhaiya (brother) didn't had increased the speed of the Scootie, I would have fainted right there. As I came home, I got a extremely bad stomach pain and a headache. I can never forget a single incident happened that day. God only knows that the man I saw was a organism or a soul! That was the horrible Photoshoot. Now also I get Night mares whenever I think about "The oak Plantation"!

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