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All I wanted was toilet paper

    • Today I decided to rob a local restroom cause I had nothing better to do. So I decided to walk to Flounder gate park and Rob their one! I managed to hide in a stall without anyone knowing annnnnnd I stole a couple roles of toilet paper as it is pretty rare these days. But theeeeen... I got caught by one of the Baristas who worked at the restaurant next to the park. I have no idea why he was here but he asked me to return the toilet paper and get off the toilet lid or else he would brutally... call the cops and steal my cookies. So I had to come down cause obviously I didn't want my cookies stolen! buttttt I managed to sneek a toilet paper out with me, so I wasn't completely unsuccessful. I mean I got one of the main gems of the world right now it's better than nothing!

25 Mayıs 2021 17:41:35 0 Rapor Yerleştirmek Hikayeyi takip edin

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