Abigail Clement

Its about a girl named Jeannie who lied to her best friends and now regrets her actions

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Uncle Dimitri please can i go to Charles and nannies house, no Jeannie go back to your room right now, please uncle, i said no Jeannie, charles is a bad influence now just go up stairs and read your book, yes uncle Dimitri.......... 1 HOUR LATER

I can't stay here anymore ihave to go meet Charles she and Greg are the only friends i have here since after dads death that i moved here to uncle Dimitri's house, he has been so strict on me concerning friends i still remember humiliation i faced on first day of school then Charles and Greg helped me................ ONE YEAR AGO AT NEVEL HIGH SCHOOL.

Principal Braden:

I hear your Jeannie Hallowell, yes sir i am Jeannie please Jeannie do well to be coming to school every day this is a very good school we are looking for students who have potentials and i know you do have potentials let me call some one to take you to your locker, janitor please report to the principals cabinet right now.


After janitor showed me my locker i kept my books in my locker and started walking to class I think the students were playing truth or dare so I just saw two students running with one with a pie and the other with coffee and before i knew both the pie and coffee was all over me i couldn't shout at that moment i was so shocked i tried to move and it slipped me and i fell to the ground it was so humiliating then two students who today are my best friends immediately carried me up and took me to the toilet and cleaned my cloth for me i thanked them and went of to my classroom on the way there students were laughing at me i could not help it but start reaching the classroom it was history period our history teacher scolded for coming to school late i was so ashamed next period was mathematics thats when the two who helped entered the class because they were not offering History............ IMAGINATION OVER

my uncle just entered the room blabbing, Jeannie are you mad have i not been calling you why have you not been answering sorry uncle i was practicing for school a contest come down stairs your mom is her to see you now my uncle is out of room i am thinking of how I want to face one of the people i hate in this life because of her i lied to Charles gage that my mom is the best she is my best friend i also lied to them about a boyfriend now i don't know how to tell them that it was all a lie i am so angry with my self let me go down stairs and see my mom....................

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