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izuku was really tired.

he could hear kacchan screaming, but his mind wasn't processing any of it anymore.

"FUCKING SHITTY DEKU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME" his eyes focus again, hearing becoming sharper. izuku hears the popping from his hands, kirishima trying to calm kacchan, iida trying to put some kind of order in the classroom.

izuku is so fucking tired.

he doesn't know what he did to set kacchan off this time. had he been mumbling? had he existed to loud? he really didn't know.

"STOP FUCKING IGNORING ME" after their final exams everything felt a little dull, a little less colourful "DEKU" he can feel the burning on his neck and cheek, kacchan had set the explosion off a little too close to his face.

"hey, remember your advice? at this point I might take a swan dive off a roof and pray I don't get a next life" the room goes quiet. kacchan is pale, todoroki is trembling, uraraka looks like she might cry.

izuku sighs, he's just tired.

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