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A poem I made for my beautiful baby girl Rosemarie who was born February 9th, of 2021

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I remember the smell of fresh roses every turn we took that day,

The hearts covering every wall as we went by nothing untouched,

Every inch of the hospital was covered in reds, pinks, and whites,

Every man on earth was out buying chocolates and roses like it was the only way of life,

I've never meet anyone so impatient like you before you just couldn't wait another minute passed 1:28,

You couldn't even wait another day or two passed the nineth,

But I knew the frist moment we locked eyes that it was us against the world,

I'll be the one holding your hand high in the sky,

Ever since February I've been crazy in love with a rose,

I wake up everyday to a smiling Rose bud just waiting on my pillow,

shes my red in a field of yellow she'll always be my everlasting Rose,

shell be the one to keep me on my feet every minute of the day, she'll always have a card up her shelve,

shes differently got mamas wild side with a whole lot of beauty,

shes got that southern mouth that will always get her in trouble,

but that's okay cause mama didn't rise no tulip she rised a Rose that won't back down in the face of another,

she has a way of matching her strengths without anyone seeing her,

her personality is a whole new leaf that's ganna spark a whole new women,

The small rosebud is really just the first show she grow into her flower one day,

so becareful cause I won't be the one to hold her back from the world,

my girl needs the light in her life with the fresh wind clearing her mind,

she belong to the light, not the storm you throw her way, she will walk right through you without even thinking twice,

Not even a ice cold chill went running down her stem,

I'll be the one standing next to her as she blossoms into the women I always knew she would,

just remember it will always be us against the world.

may 7th, 2021

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