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Villain' song

How bad can it possibly be?
Being cruel, being mean
Close the cage, throw the key.
Coming like a villain to the big scene.

Devil standing on the doorstep
Knocking on your mind gate
Everybody screams, everybody is scared
And you are laughing till the end.

Threachery, thievery, lechery
Locked in heart...

Open up treasury!
I want to see them again smirking
from the dark-side corner of the past

Speak to the demon inside you
What was that whisper about?
Ou, yeeh, here is finally a blood you once knew
Fighting for everything you long ago denied

How bad can you possibly be?
Come on and let's find out together!
Robbery, arson or kidnapping?
Please, only children would bother!

Play with minds around you
turn the cards upside down
Do whatever suits you better
and enjoy your new life.

Being villain sounds great, doesn't it?
Breaking rules, messing everything up.
Besides devil may care once
when your time comes up.

How bad can I possibly be?
Whispering you everything what I know
about wickedness of this world
You'll never be lost again, just listen to me

Patience, dear friend of mine
your revenge will come soon
So just take a seat and enjoy the ride
It's hour of their doom

Why are you scared?
Just look around what you've done.
Isn't it awesome? That was fun!
That's the game you've played.

So you do suddenly regret this.
Well, don't try to blame me.
You know I'm merely a inner voice

but the actions were all yours.

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