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Let's Love is a novel about a girl who is fun and enthusiastic about life and wants that special someone her father once had, before he lost it. She then meets someone and takes it from there.

Romantizm Young Adult Romance Tüm halka açık.

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The Daydreams

Opening scene
Marie ran and jumped into his arms and gave multiple pecks upon his cheek. She had missed him and longed for his arms around her. She wanted to be held again by her lover.
Chapter One
AnnaMarie was a fun, adventurous and enlightened woman who was bold and warming on the outside, but longed for that one and the finer things in life deep down inside. She lived with her dad Larry, who was not into her little daydreams and fantasies. He absolutely hated it and even threatened to throw her out if she continued on with her 'worthless antics'. She hid and continued on. Boy did she want that someone.
It was 9:00 clock and Marie's friends wanted her to go out with them. "Marie come down now!!!",they yelled from outside her window. She got up and stared out through her window pane and whispered"I can't, my dad won't allow it. Now go before he gets his rifle and shoots whoever is messing with him". "Oh shut up, you know he won't do that." Pow, Pow, Pow they heard. "Oh no run now he's coming, go go go". Larry ran upstairs and said "do you know who was out of your window calling you." She said "no". Annmarie was fearful of her father, but that didn't stop her ongoing daydreams and fantasies.

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