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She stops in her tracks and glance at Black-figure “You know what they say about you, Black-Figure?”Black-figure snickers, “Tell me something I don’t know,” She makes her way over to the black figure, throwing her perfectly build figure around, flipping her black shining pony to the other side. “That you kill for pleasure…” --- Her eyes stretch at him “Are you saying…” “Yes Wu, our killer is Chinese with possibly a black belt behind her name and knives training,” “But what could her relations be towards them? Why steal money from a fundraiser and murder the owners?” He taps his narrow chin “Revenge is a nasty little bug,” Their eyes snap at each other in agreement “Killer seeks help, the killer gets the job, the killer steals money, gets caught and kills off suspects,” “Exactly Wu, nothing but a local criminal…”

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The black cloth figure balance on the balcony steadily, peeking through what seems like two people arguing over something, perhaps money? Perhaps the well-known Fundraiser they started a few years ago.

Named Golden Estates, ever since Black-Figure heard about this Fundraiser, Black Figure knew this would be the place to loot.

“We are never to speak of this again? Do you hear me?” Her shivering hand reveals a small handgun, pointing towards the male figure “Interesting…” Black-figure purrs at the scene.

“Why are you pointing that thing at me Chey, put it away,” She hesitates in her head shake “No, we both have lost ourselves in this fundraiser…” His eyes stretch at her “SO you are just going to do what? Kill me?”

Her hand falls to the side “No Aile, I would never, I-I am just confused,” He creeps towards her slowly and wraps his arms around her “Oh Chey, just calm down, please, we will figure this out,”

“We will see about that…” Black-figure purrs once again and swings over the enormous wall, the light switches off after a few hours have passed, black figure pokes at the watch.

Past midnight has arrived “Time to loot,” Black figure swing over the immense balcony and pierce through the window, and within seconds the clip loosens

“Perfect…” Black-figure slides the window open, slide through, and gently closes it again…

Staring into the familiar house, the black figure remembers clearly when the job was offered, kill the owners and grab the most important piece of paper.

However, the black figure was unsure about the piece of paper. There were no words on what it reveals, only it is located tightly inside of a wall safe, where this might be, is something that should be figured along the journey.

A golden stet of stairs reveals itself in the vision, like every other Estate, everything remains the same, however, this one is different, black figure knows this and threat carefully towards the rock formation in the middle of the set of stairs.

Ah…” Black-figure worm between the gap and locate a small silver box, the only object that is silver in the Golden Estates, the only box that triggers the event.

Piercing the lid carefully open, it reveals one silver wire, black figure reaches for the wire cutter on the belt around the waist, and snip the wire hastily.

Waiting anxiously for any form of noise, the uncomfortable spot black figure is in aches in the thighs.

Black-figure worms out the gap and starts climbing the rock format patiently, grabbing each rock poking out to hold the weight, Black-figure swings over the top, and hastily searches the upper deck for the intrusion.

“Perfect…” A scream interrupts the silent moment and Black-figure covers the ears to block out the noise, the light flickers on, and muffled noises follow the rooms across the long hallway… facing both sides.

From which side it comes, the black figure cannot tell, “It’s gone, the document is gone,” Black figure panics, is there another figure inside the house? Did they send someone else to collect it instead of the Black figure?

They would never betray a black figure like this, and just then, a sharp light blink in the black figure’s eyes and duck before the object can reach the head.

“Who are you?” Black-figure hissed at the brown clothed figure tiptoeing, “Does it matter? They sent here me to finish the job,”

Black-figure eyes the brown figure carefully “Eliminate me? If you dare,” Black figure’s purring doesn’t affect the brown figure.

“I don’t dare sweetie,” Unsteadily Black-figure examines the scene who is this brown clothed figure? Although her voice sounds so alluring and familiar, it makes little sense why they would send someone to eliminate the black figure, when the black figure is so close,

“You are not stopping me from completing this mission,” She bounces on her hands and knock Black figure out of the way, causing small breaths to accompany,

Black-figure jumps up, sweeping the foot marks off the black clothes, “I am not asking again, who are you? Why are you following me?”

Her voice pierces in a giggle “Following you? Oh, please I have got nothing better to do,” “It looks to me that way,” She stops in her tracks and glance at Black-figure “You know what they say about you, Black-Figure?”

Black-figure snickers, “Tell me something I don’t know,” She makes her way over to the black figure, throwing her perfectly build figure around, flipping her black shining pony to the other side.

“That you kill for pleasure…” Black-figure snickers once again “Do you even know what I am?” She giggles as she reveals her neck, Black-figure can see her blue veins pumping from the distance, revealing a beautiful blushed skin.

Her orange eyes zoom in on the black figure’s eyes grasping her neck with piercing eyes, black figure’s mouth waters for a taste, “No, I know what you are trying to do, it will not work,”

She giggles at the black figure as she walks circles, “You know you want it, you know I want it,” Black figure denies her request. Why would she even do this? First, trying to kill the black figure and now trying to get a black figure to taste her venom?

“How do you know of me? Who do you work for?” Her relaxed hand's pressure the black figure’s shoulder and then the warmth disappears as soon as rushing feet enter the hallway.

“Intrude…” Black-figure hides behind the uncomfortable rock format, “I swear I heard voices,” “There is nothing here Aile, please, can we sleep? We have a long day tomorrow,”

He agrees and before he can follow her, the Black figure already has him in the black figure’s grasp. A scream escapes his lips, and he falls from the black figure’s hands. The female figure runs back to where she left her husband.

“Aile, no,” She bends down and before she knows it, she falls on top of her husband… dead.

Black-figure drags them back to the room and finishes his job. He burned for so long, rich people have a distinct taste to them, almost a gold metallic taste that Black-figure never can resist.

“I should have known, the stories are true after all Black-figure,” Black figure doesn’t bother his attention towards the brown clothed figure, “Then you should know what I am capable of,”

Her laughing drips in sarcasm, black figure pierce one look at her, her eyes scan almost charmingly, “Sweetie, you have no idea who I am, do you?”

Black-figure straightens himself and focuses completely on her perfect facial features, “Enlighten me then,” Her hand swipes the hood of the black figure's head, and her gasping causes the black figure to flee.

Gripping onto every rock format black-figure can find, black figure burst inside a room and hide behind a slightly moved bookcase, “Oh brother,” Black figure can hear her sniffing… wait to sniff, how can she sniff if she is human?

Wait… orange eyes, perfectly build, noticing a golden whip hanging on her waist, she is what Black-figure have heard off before…

Cat folk… Black-figure debates whether to show the face of what used to be normal, the face of what used to be human, the face of what used to be Black figures…

All covered in the unthinkable, covered in nothing, but what Black-figure never thought…

Black-figure may still look human in the mirror on the skin, but to the outside world, not so much,

The door flickers open, with the moonlight lighting his way, he is gone with the wind…

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