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As a world revolving around Christina McKee, in the year 2001, the twenty-five-year-old who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a poor lady who needed to find love and wealth. And yet, she is an elementary school librarian at the made-up Henry C. McCook Elementary School before meeting her lover, the thirty-year-old Jeff Brannon, and his eleven-year-old daughter Kaeleigh. In the book, something happens to Jeff’s uncle that somehow leads to their riches. But something good happens between Christina and Jeff at the end of the book, with their riches and more than just love.

Romantizm Young Adult Romance Tüm halka açık. © 2020

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Chapter One

It all started in 2001, when I met a man, I continue to know. It couldn’t have been any better. No, that’s before he and I have come face to face. My world turned the other way, and I was speechless. He just took my breath away, and I think he was a wonderful drop-dead handsome guy.

We bumped into each other throughout the day. It’s always been, “Hey, how are you?” and “It’s a nice day, isn’t it, ma’am?” Stuff that way, man. And it’s all going to be embarrassing. Oh, gosh, I’m going to get all hot and shaky, sweating and dry mouth. I wish we could be together, but somehow it doesn’t go as planned.

Somehow, my life is going to crash when our eyes meet. His eyes are greenish-blue, and mine are hazel. It’s just fate when I’m around him. I don’t have the guts to say, “Tell me, baby, do you love me?” Don’t mind it. I’m just going to go on and on. But I hope that one day we might have been together.

Yeah, yeah, woe is me! I’m just a woman, and he’s a man that I love. We’re just friends. I want to have this Hubba-Hubba, and I want to be his wife. There’s nothing I can think of anymore.

Maybe one day, we’re going to be together. Yeah, I think that “one day” is going to happen sooner than later. Anyway, my name is Christina McKee, and I’m from Philadelphia, and twenty-seven-year-old. I live in the city of Philly, there’s no other place in Pennsylvania.

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