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Sarah and her friend, Martha once decided to have a funny evening, but what did that funny evening come with?. Read through and see what happened to Sarah and her friend.

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In her favorite colour, pink shirt and a half black skirt with her pink purse in her hand, Sarah came to her friend Martha with a smile on her face hoping that she will get her friend ready for the fun party.

"Martha , you're delaying us now". I think we should hurry before everything got finished by now , Sarah said.

"What do you want me to do?"should I go like this? , okay if you don't have much time go I will get you there Martha complaining.

"You know that we are going out for fun then why do you delay" said Sarah and again I want to advise you that these laziness is not good as a friend I want to give these advices to you.

Sarah, you know that I am always late even for school I don't know how I will change these behaviours of mine?.

Let's first go , I will come to tell you how you're going to change.

What kinds of game activities do you really enjoy, Sarah? ask Martha.

"I do enjoy football because my brother is a footballer"Sarah said.

"Actually Sarah I hope you don't mind me , yeah...........why? ask Sarah

I wanted to know why you didn't tell Diew where we are going to?..

"Nothing Martha, I think today we should not tell him where we going to.

But Sarah I just want you to pass my regards to him when you will go home.

Moving down the road , the two friends reached to their destination , and have fans with the other girls they got there.

In the hall everyone was eyeing Sarah and her friend Martha for the way they dress up, they dress to kill.

Before it was time to go home, they enjoy the party with the rest of their friends.

"Sarah....; Sarah yells Martha , it's likely going to rain!" , let's go now Sarah .

"Okay just a quick talk go I will join you on the way".

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PT Pout Tiem
It's amazing chapter
April 06, 2021, 22:40

Diew Pout Diew Pout
Wow wonderful and amazing
April 04, 2021, 00:24
Diew Pout Diew Pout
April 04, 2021, 00:23


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