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Within the news placed by Marvel in 2020, with "House of X" and "Power of X", I am writing a script where Wolverine is contacted by his daughter, from another dimension that informs him about everyone being manipulated, probably by Moira, but nothing is certain! So Logan has a terrible mission to find out who or what is behind this and prevent a cataclysm.

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The seed is planted

- I'm ok ... This madness will pass, right? - I ask a redhead by my side, while I see a Nova! Yes, bubu, that nuclear, cataclysmic explosion that a star can do.

The girl gives no answer, at least, no verbal, but I felt that despite being floating in space, without any equipment to guarantee my life, everything would end well ...

Even without a sound, the energy involved in the explosion gives our bodies a stir. Mine, is pushed far back; while the redhead's in white flowing dresses moves so subtly that I don't know if it was me wanting to believe how real she was ...

After that, I start to feel a force drawing me to that energy center and, as I had nothing to make contact with, I just go!

- What the fuck! Hey, girl, see if you won't let me go alone in this, huh?

And she, again, doesn't answer anything, but she nods her head and smiles while her clothes were “sucked” before her body started to move to what was once a Nova, and now looked more like a Black Hole.

- You have nothing to tell me about what we are going to face? I think my healing power can't keep me alive in space ... What's going on?

That was when I felt a warm voice in my mind: "You know that the sound doesn't propagate in a vacuum, do you?" Followed by a mocking laugh. “If it weren't for my telepathic ability, I would never know what you were talking about, Mr. Logan... ”

From the formality and circumstances, I realize that this was not a redhead who had some intimacy with me. I already rule out Rosie, which is great, because if I ‘saw her,’ this means that I would be dead! I also discard Jean since the voice was not hers and she was never going to call me "mister"! Not that she hadn't already called, but only in more intimate moments ...

“You are really laughing at a thought like that, Mr. Logan ?! ”

She wakes me up from my sweet memories and, nodding my head, I go back to listing the redheads of my life: Rachel was not that polite ... So, who could it be? ...

"You don't have to act like I'm not here! ..." - she projects her voice again in my mind and catches me off guard.

- What?! Sure! I didn't mean to, red ... And I think it's easier to ask you ... So, who are you?

And again, the silence ...

- Came on! All this is very boring! When I need you to speak, you say nothing! And when I'm having good feelings your voice brings me to reality? What's going on! I know we don't know each other *

"Of course we met!" - she interrupts me abruptly and I can only look surprised, while my lips make a "huh?" gesture even though I knew I wouldn't be heard.

"My name is Katherine ... Or Kate ... Gray Howlett."

- What the fu…?! - I think and, again, move my lips, along with a face that should be astonished.

“I know it sounds strange to hear that, but I am your daughter, mr. Logan. ” - and I think she needed to pause for the amount of thoughts that pop up in my mind. If that was all a dream, I want to wake up soon! I can already imagine Jean beside me, in bed, screwing me with telepathy!

Since my mission in space to defeat a new lineage of sentinels and my resurrection in Krakoa, I keep having these vivid scenes of this place, of space, with other situations, this must be just one more, right? I stay here, trying to understand, but when I wake up, I am only in Krakoa, with my body slightly crushed, as if my healing factor were not at its peak. This happens only a few minutes after waking up and, in the morning, everything passes ... Now would it be the same? But I felt that there was something different ...

“Yes, Mr. Logan, this night is different because I came on a mission that not even Mrs. Gray will be able to stop or suspect ... I needed to do something to change what will happen in your dimension, I needed to open someone's eyes and, by the mental survey I did, you are the most suitable. Which only makes my mission more difficult! ... ”

I was going to move my lips, when I remembered that I can just think: “What mission, Kate? And why don't ya call me father? ”

“Technically, you are not my father, Mr. Logan. I am the daughter of another Logan, in another dimension, of the infinite dimensions that exist and, and in my dimension, where there are no more humans, the mutants live in peace. ”

"So, I don't understand what I can help you with, redhead ..."

“It's the opposite, sir ... I came to try to help you… My mutant power is the luminous projection and, recently, I discovered that I can make a projection of myself in a neutral environment and bring the projection of those I want to that space, always in that same moment, always in the explosion of that star. ”

In fact, our bodies, or luminous projections, are increasingly closer to the residual energy of that explosion; being sucked into its center, while she calmly continues:

“A hundred years ago, a mutant capable of contacting other dimensions was born and, as we live in peace, we decided to monitor these other possibilities and help, whenever possible. But this mutant was unable to make the connection as she wanted. Their power was based on receiving anomalies, as if they were dreams and, from them, we needed to unite and extrapolate our powers to research more and understand the origins. We have had our eyes on this dimension for some years, especially looking at the mutant you know as Moira ... ”

I make Kate feel my anxiety with the approach of the center of the explosion and she makes a movement with her hand, placing us at the beginning of everything, a few minutes before the Nova explosion, noticing the electrical and pressure changes that moment brought.

"I can rewind this moment forever; you don't have to worry about the center of the explosion ..."

It was frighteningly interesting to see the explosion again. I covered my eyes with one hand and, again, I was pushed away and then started to be pulled.

"Is this mutant also immortal?" - I ask, thinking if I don't have a version of me in another dimension that is a woman.

“Twenty years ago, she died, of natural causes ... The vision she had about Moira was one of the first of her life and, as a premise for us and in order not to lose our history, we developed a technology that allows us to record all memories of our citizens. It was with this recording that we realized a repetition, an anomaly, within your dimension. ”

"What do you mean, girl?" - I feel my eyebrow lift.

“The first recording we had showed a teenager inside a plane, going to New York, without being able to reach the destination. That was the first vision of Moira that Kaku’et had. The second and third visions were more troubled, they showed a little more of his life, but always with premature death, around 30 years old ... The most interesting thing is that with the death in the first image, we were sure that the other two they pointed to something bigger, since in both, the same person performed different actions and effects. We started to research and extrapolate the powers of those mutants who are able to travel in time or with telepathy, or even me, who manage to bring consciousnesses from other dimensions to this “neutral” dimension, since my dimension is not here either ... "

It was too much information for me to process ... I pressed between my eyes with my fingers while the other hand asked for a time.

What did she mean by three views of the same person at different times and with different attitudes and effects? What does this have to do with my life and the life we ​​have in my dimension to the point of drawing the attention of such a distant relative? That Katherine had more of Jean than me, the only thing that reminded me were the blue eyes ...

“As our dimension lives in peace, I did not have contact with that strong instinctual side that I perceive in you now. In my dimension, you don't have adamantium in your bones, you didn't suffer so much after discovering your mutation ... The beginning was the same, you know? This does not seem to change in dimensions, but his willingness to make things work and the change in the whole society over the years has transformed him into someone more sensible and less aggressive, so I have a lot of you too ... ” - His eyes fell on mine, with an even disturbing tranquility.

“And what danger are we in? And how can I help my family? ”

“That is the problem, Mr. Logan ... The danger is your family! And what it has become due to several abnormalities created by Dr. Moira! Mr. Charles Xavier is dangerously manipulating temporal energies that can alter much more than just the future of his dimension. ”

I don't like what I hear. If I were in a place with sound, she would be able to hear me snorting ... I knew that the visit, in the end, had more to do with maintaining her life than with helping my dimension in some way ...

"You are wrong! ... - she interrupts me inside my mind - My dimension will feel the events happening like a ripple ... It will practically not affect us, but if the mutant visionaries we have are really right, it will be catastrophic to other dimensions, even extirpating sextillions of innocent lives! ”

“Nobody is innocent, red! Are you betting the chips on the wrong person ... I really am not your father! ”

She returned to that uncomfortable silence, I had no way to move or what to do. I was held hostage by that mutant for as long as she wanted, and again, I saw her move her hands and restart our journey. This time, she was mostly silent all the time. My mind kept thinking about various possibilities, especially those that could get me out of there, but nothing worked, not even appealing to Jean and our telepathic bond worked at that time. Then I started to think about what she said about Moira. Charles and Erik had access to her, I got to smell the scientist a few times at both of them, at different times, but they told the people of Krakoa that she had died. That lie didn't matter to me, because I felt it was for her protection, you know? But what if they knew about this "anomaly" and ‘were protecting Moira so as not to destroy their perfect little life? ... THAT bothered me!

“I am happy to still hear something like that, that bothers you with the direction that things can take and that there is a point in my story that you managed to find out for yourself. You know that there is something different, but you haven't been able to “catch” the lie, have you? ”

“Look, Kate, if your friends caught three Moira at different times, that can only mean two things: either she is immortal or she made clones of herself, in that laboratory on Muir Island and that are scheduled to appear sometime after Moira previous one dies ... ”

“Couldn't there be a third option? Or a fourth? Have you been through so many things and still have difficulties to expanding your mind? ” - and again the irritating giggle, very similar to Jean's after we kissed and she doesn't want to have sex.

"Yeah ... You really are your mother's daughter!"

“Mister Logan! Please!..."

I laugh because I finally managed to get that kid out of my mind, I see her face getting the color of her hair and I end up laughing, with my right hand on my belly and everything. I took advantage of the weightlessness and stayed like a ball, spinning around myself.

After that moment, I say: “The only other option I can think of, within the understandings that exist on my planet is that she was reincarnated, would that be? But there’s the question, aren’t we all doing this, girl? ”

“I will not go into technicality at all, but I will focus on what happens to Mrs. Moira. What happens to her is different from reincarnation ... Each time she dies, she can reborn on the same day, but remembering everything she lived, knowing what happened, she had an advantage over others and started to draw up a plan so that the mutants were not extinguished by “Homo sapiens”. However, Mr. Logan, there are dimensions without any mutants, there are others where mutants coexist in harmony with humans, there are others that neither humans exist, much less mutants - which are an evolution of those ... So, we conclude, in our dimension, that this competitive advantage of Mrs. Moira - we think of it as just another mutation – changed the facts as they should be, and now there is no balance of the unit! Not to mention that you are all being manipulated in this process, in a subtle way, but manipulated ... ”

I snarled at myself. I hated being manipulated! But who assured me that the manipulation did not come from that girl?

“There are no guarantees, sir. Logan. I came to “plant discord” so that, with his investigative skills and his ability to block telepathy - because his adamantium skull acts like that Magneto's helmet! - draw your own conclusions. I can do nothing else. And I will not bother you on other nights anymore. My warning was punctual and directed. Leave some material that you can start and then, be the “one-man army” that it was so many times, before meeting the X-Men. ”

“Supposing you won me over with this chat and that I can understand the conspiracy behind this whole new world order ... What makes you think that I want to change it ?! I was nobody, I had nothing but nightmares and guilt! Before Charles found me and healed me, he gave me a purpose ... And, before Krakoa, I still had unfulfilled wishes, but now, there is nothing else I want, besides serving that family that welcomed me so well. I'm fulfilled in life and in love, you know?”

“I can only say that this is all part of the manipulation ... It is the same euphoria that any drug leaves in the system, but there is no happiness that lasts forever, nor truth that not come to the fore. I should have arrived before her death at the Forge Orchid station, so I would have more of the real Wolverine than the altered “clone” ... ”- but I won't let her continue, I interrupt her vehemently:

"Hey! The process that the Five do does not create clones! They ... they ... - I stop to listen to me, take a deep breath and Kate, patiently, wait - Dammit! ... I'm a clone and, according to you, changed?!"

“Don't forget that to be practically untouched by telepathy, you need adamantium ... And in Krakoa, after your death, you were resurrected without it. At that moment, Charles took the opportunity to plant what he wanted, not only in you, but in all those resurrected ... There are still reliable humans, just as there are reliable mutants, but you will need to find out for yourself.”

I can't answer anything directly to her, my head was seething with the unfolding of this possibility !! If Charlie has changed so much that he manipulates those he promised never to do without permission, then he ‘was much worse than the Massacre ... Because this time, it was conscious manipulation! With the specific purpose of manipulating mutants and exterminating humans! "Did I get it right, red?"

“I was unable to follow all your reasoning, Mr. Logan, your mind is too fast. But the general idea I managed to get, and I can say that, in general, that's right. Or..."


“Or Charles is being manipulated too, isn't he? This option cannot be ruled out. Remember that we started the line of reasoning with Dra. Moira ... We understand that her mutation would be this ability to maintain memory in each rebirth, but what if that is not all? She has been in contact with enormously powerful mutants several times and yet has subjugated them. She can be the key ... Added to the new helmet that Prof. X is using. But none of this has been explored by us Mr. Logan ... ”

“These are very good ideas, Kate. They made me think that there is still hope for humanity ... But for the life I had, for everything I went through before this resurrection, I understand that people change and, not always, for the better ... Who is always good, one hour send everything to shit and, without wanting to take sides, but I understand these people, you know? ”

She doesn't answer me with words, but she smiles. It was a complacent smile, like someone who understands the other person who realizes that he has been deceived for a long time and that makes me very angry! I hate being think as a poor one!

“I knew all that shitty trisal was too good to be true… Damn it! Why did you say that I would be the most difficult and the most suitable to convince? "

“First of all, for being a version of my father. A more "headstrong" version and those words are not mine, but my mother's ... - I smile when I hear that - Second, because after I could show that something was wrong, your adamantium skull would prevent uninvited telepaths could come in! And that would be a positive point for your search for more data, wouldn't it? Your telepathic contact with the Jean of your dimension exists only because you allow it. From the moment you consciously choose not to allow this anymore or not to show all our conversation to her, it will be your choice and will result in the telepaths being unable to access this information. Who would have thought that the material that slowly poisons you would also have these qualities, right? ”

I only can smile as I think that the claws are very nice too and I eject them in the vacuum, without the well-known * snikt * sound.

“Well, I think my task is done here, Mr. Logan. I hope that your investigations will lead you to the correct fraudster of this reality! ... ”

“But if I don’t know how it had to be the reality that I‘ am, how can I get her back on track, red?”

“Well, at this time, I'm going to ask for one more conscience to be with us. My mother can put in your mind, through telepathy, what other mutants have managed to rescue from our dimension. Is it okay for you?"

My head nods yes, as she throws us to the beginning of the explosion of the Nova, again. And when we get there, Jean, Kate's mother, is already waiting for us.

"Hello, Logan." - that hot and sensual voice invades my mind.

“Hello, Jean ... Or is it better Mrs. Howlett? ” - and I smile sideways as she smiles too, while she floats towards me and holds my hands I think - “At least in some dimension, I can have a real chance to be happy, right? ... This is more than I could wait ... ”

She looks at me fondly, while sending “And less than you deserve, Mr. Logan. Even in this dimension ... We were discussing how much suffering someone needs to have so that another can live happiness, and nothing justifies the life that you had. And I'm sorry to come, at a time like this, where happiness is palpable, to say that a large part of this is manipulation and that, in fact, the Earth should be experiencing something like this. ”

She doesn't even finish talking and visions of struggles, wars and chaos take over my mind. The sentinels were squads and were giving ultimatums to the mutants before actually locking us in with inhibitory collars. Some government facilities housed hundreds of mutants, while human researchers used us as guinea pigs for something that would provide us with a “cure”, that would make us be like them, mere humans! We were supposed to be like this, beaten, imprisoned, many dead ?! No way! ... If zillions of lives need to perish so that ours is not like that, I will not make much effort to change that ... I knew the war, the wars ... I know that nobody wins with them but few people in some countries profit ... If I found out who was profiting from it, wouldn't I be able to minimize collateral damage? Various flags and languages ​​cross my mind, showing that practically all countries were involved at some level in this slaughter against one species. The images cease and the other Jean's voice invades me:

“Mr. Logan, we did our part, thank you, Kate and I, for having managed to plant some doubts in your mind and, if necessary, we are here to try to clear up any doubts. We know little, too ... But maybe we can do a “brainstorming”, the three of us, right?”

That green, serene look always brings out the best in me, no matter what dimension it comes from. I let myself immerse in it and, without realizing it, she uses her telekinesis to approach us and gives me a kiss, quite different from the kisses I exchanged with the Jean of my dimension. I won't be able to put it into words, but it had something of a motherly nature. Look, don't get me wrong! I barely remember my mother and I'm not one of those with an Oedipus complex, but that was the feeling of that kiss. Like someone who wants to remove all doubts and pain, leave only the best and revitalizing, without inciting anything sexual, and when I open my eyes, I am in my bed, in my dimension, with Jean sleeping on my bed. side, without suspecting anything; I look at the clock and it's three in the morning.

That encounter with the Jean from another dimension changes something in my mind, I begin to ponder why it was difficult for Charlie to help me with my memories, for the simple fact that there is an adamantium skeleton covering my skull and creating an anti-shield telepath. Memories that I don't remember living come to my mind and I have a terrifying thought: I cannot die! If that body dies, Xavier will find out everything about Kate, somehow! And it will, of course, delete it from the next clone ... I need to act very cautiously ... I turn my body to face Jean and smile. Well, it's still dawn, let's see if I can get a few hours of joy with this redhead before going into stealth mode.

I put my hand gently on her arm, she smiles at the touch and, I ask if I can kiss her and she, almost obediently, says yes. The morning comes and finds us in some strange position that, for sure, is in the Kama Sutra.

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