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this is my poem and i dont know how many will see this and pass itup or will read it but if you do read it thank you

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the hyperviglance

The hypervigilance

Its just so hard to explain

Imagine you're drowning

Ice cold water

and numbness

A pounding headache

The waves crashing over under and around you

The instinct to not let any water in is so strong

You won't open your mouth until you feel like your heads exploding

Your scared but when you finally let the water in

That's when it all stops hurting

You claw at your throat hoping to let air in

Any air you close your mouth

And you blackout

You're still alive you wake up and you're in a hospital bed

You're fine

Until you see the see animal show on tv

Your mind immediately flickers to the water you were trapped in

You're scared

You feel trapped again

And then the feeling gone

You wonder if it will come back

And it will

But for now, it's gone

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morgan hessenflow hi I'm an ADHD procrastinating teenage mess i love to wright and i hope i can make an impact on at least one persion

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