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The story about the love of three girls. Will their love for each other become one of everlasting lust, or will it end in disaster?

LGBT+ Sadece 18 yaş üstü için.

#lesbian #gay #lgbtq+ #pan #gl #girl-love #poly
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Prologue: A Struggle in The Air

The day had just started, yet there I was, struggling to even get out of bed. My eyes refused to open even for a second. My alarm blared into my ear as I groaned. I don’t wanna get up! I thought with a whine. I don’t want to deal with Callie. I sighed and slowly sat up as my bedroom door was opened. It was one of my best friends, Lucia, and she looked pissed. I wonder what has her panties in a twist, I thought with a small snicker and looked at her as I wiped my eyes.

“Well mor--”

“Oh shut the hell up. Your dumbass alarm woke me up. I don’t have any classes today, and I’m rather pissed,” Lucia cut me off.

Hot headed as ever, I thought and stretched. “Luci, I have to get ready for work,” I tell her, the sleep still stuck in my words. My eyes grew wide as a smirk appeared upon my lips. “But so do you!” I giggled happily. I forgot today was her shift and not Callie’s!

Her hand shot up to her face and to her forehead. “Shit, I forgot…,” she mumbled with a groan. “I think I’ll call o--”

“No! I don’t want to work with Callie!” I yelled at her. My arms were now crossed over my chest, and my cheeks were puffed out. “She calls me a spoiled bitch…”

The last part seemed to have Lucia fuming. “She calls you a what!?” her voice got louder until it became a yell at “what.” Her right eye seemed to twitch slightly.

“A spoiled bitch… She’s--" I paused with a sigh. "She’s the owner’s daughter. I can’t complain to the owner, she’ll fire me for false things. The cameras can’t detect whispers in ears y’know,” I explained with a frown. “So ple--”

“I’ll tell that spoiled bitch not to call you that. I can’t get fired if it’s not o-”

“You’re not fighting her. It’s not worth it,” I cut her off. My voice was soft.

“But she called you a spoiled bitch!” she snapped. “No one but me, of course, can call you that!”

I flinched and looked away. “Just go get ready for work…”

She grumbled and walked out of my room, slamming the door behind her. I sighed heavily. You can’t always fight my fights, Lucia, I thought to myself as I got up and started to get dressed. What will you do if you can’t help me? I stared at my door and frowned. I really should stick up for myself… I walked out of my room while pulling my hair up into a high ponytail.

“Luci, I’m ready f--” I looked forward. What I saw made my face heat up. “L-Lucia!?” I squeaked out.

“What?” the topless girl asked. “Never saw another girl’s tits?” she smirked.

I huffed. “Of course I have!” I mumbled. “Th-That’s how I know I l-like girls.”

“Oh?” Lucia cocked her head to the side and chuckled. “I didn’t know girls piqued your interest.~”

I shivered and looked at the ground. “I-I’m pan, so I like--”

“I know what pan is, Sweetheart,” she said and loomed over me. “But, I like girls as well, just more so than you.” she poked my chest and smirked, something like mischief flashed in her eyes.

“More so?” I asked, my face growing hotter.

“Mhm,~” she hummed, reaching her hand up to my face, and allowed her thumb to graze across my bottom lip.

I shivered and looked into her eyes. What are you doing, Luci? I wondered, but before I could think anymore, her face was closer to mine. Our noses were touching.

“Lucia?” I asked softly.

“Sh. Now, let’s get to work.”

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