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Brief description of intuition as a sense that is inhibited in order to maintain a system of lies.

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Whoever has eyes, let them see

April 2020. It was only the beginning of one of the worst experiences of the living population. Worse, much worse things, were experienced only by generations that are no longer with us. Today, shortly after one year, I write these lines. I have seen hundreds of posts of people in which they unload their hearts talking about how hard it has been, and that also serve as repeater antennas to the unambiguous message of the mainstream, saying things like "we must become conscious", "We must take care of ourselves one another ”,“ the time has come to unite in the distance” etc, etc. And there are also an enormous amount of heretical meanings, just they go against the mainstream and in such a way, they are effectively treated as a pagan religion. In April 2020, social networks still served as an alternative means of communication, but gradually they were purged so that only one, and exclusively one perception of reality was offered, which is a principle of fascist manipulation. Myself, I no longer have social networks and I do not know if this article is visible.

At the beginning of this text I spoke of the worst times that a living person has lived, but I am not talking about any pandemic, but about the hoax. I would say "... one of the largest hoaxes in the history of humanity" but unfortunately it is not. It can become, however.

About a year ago, I began to see and lament how human beings are so miserably fooled. People gave up their own judgment to the media. "If it's on TV, it's true, end of discussion." And my own helplessness made me angry. During the first days of lock down, my intuition screamed at me that something was wrong. But listening to intuition is very difficult when you've grown up, been educated, and still live in a world where senses like intuition are conveniently relegated to the esoteric and pseudo-scientific. The only thing I could, at first, decipher from that stunning message from my intuition, was that the message itself was not new. I had noticed it before. It made me feel the same as that disastrous morning of September 11, 2001. "Something smells very bad," it told me.

During lock down in 2020, still enduring the discomfort but refusing to be trained like a dog, something happened that opened my eyes. I had already stopped watching television completely, sick of the repetition and the threats. But, like something taken out from a comedy, I picked up my cell phone from the table, because its light was on. But it was not an ordinary call or message. In an ordinary message you get "you have a new message" or something like that. So you can choose not to read it if you don't feel like it. This message was one of those that I had already received a few times and that bothered me a lot, since it is already 'open' and when you take the phone in your hand, you end up reading it anyway, even if you don't want to. I've always been offended by invasive advertising, in other words, when you hear what you don't choose to hear and see what you don't want to see. That is a mind control technique. Have you seen those scenes where someone is programmed by fixing his eyelids open with duct tape, and adjusting one forcep in his head to see—want it or not, images in a screen, and not even blink? Have you ever received a call from a regular number, answered and it was no more than a recorded advertisement? It's a trap: It's a message that they make you to hear even if you don't want to. Long ago, waiting time in customer services by phone, was decorated with relax music. But someone came up with the idea of ​​replacing such music with, always noisy, commercial advertisements or institutional messages . Those are also messages that you have to hear even if you don't want to. Now, what did that message already open on my phone say? It said "Stay home."

I had felt that before. My intuition was screaming something at me, and it was about to pierce the thick shell that the educational system had woven in me in a matrix of fake values. I had felt it when I saw a movie about Nazis, and the story consisted of a woman who had a zoo and who, with the start of the war, could not take care any more of her animals. She then released them, but a senior Nazi officer, properly decked out in his Hugo Boss overcoat, drew his Lugger Pistol and shot an eagle who was grazing on the roof of a house. I almost threw up. But I did not squirm in repudiation of the unstoppable Nazi evil, but of the movie, and of the film industry, which I became disenchanted with at that ṿery moment. Whoever opens their eyes does not close them again (and becomes a danger to the system). At the end had managed to hear my intuition , it just broke my band. It was too much, too much effort to sell an idea!: My whole life watching movies about Nazi monsters, but they killing animals, was revealed as tantrum to convince those who still do not believe the story. It's like when you stop seeing what has been put in front of your nose and look beyond, you see the strings of the puppet.

There is no need to argue whether the Nazis were good or bad, or how we believe or are supposed to believe they were. I did not live at that time and I am not a witness of anything. What I think I know about them, I think I know it from the educational system, the film industry, and from 'The History' , institutions that absolutely lost my trust. Good or bad, as they may have been, other have built a worldview from their image and desperately try to sustain it. Hopefully this is evident to more people. Why the exasperation to maintain a status quo?

"Stay home" is what was written in my cell phone screen . "They are desperate!" I deduced instantly. And my intuition was even clearer: When something is true, it does NOT need advertising, much less invasive advertising or mind control techniques—that you are exposed to messages even if you don't want to.

We have more than five senses, but for the establishment, is a control measure that you believe you have only five. Those five that they taught you with little songs when you were in elementary school, while the other senses are not only forced to be ignored but whose development is attacked through the imposition of a determined lifestyle. What would happen to corporations, pharmaceutical companies, religious institutions, government and monetary systems, if people, through their non-physical senses, realized that they did NOT need any of such institutions?

Precisely, the immense problem that have those who open their eyes, is being not able to communicate it to those who are still sleeping the dream of the matrix. Those who still have the blindfold need not only tangible proof, but the media to ratify it. Why? Because they are limited by the use of their five physical senses, purely physical, and the very convenient rejection of their own psychic senses. Individuals who do not need tangible proof or confirmation and / or approval by the 'authorities' are a danger to the system and to its traditional power. They are individuals who also use their non-physical senses. That is why it is said "He who has ears, let them hear ."

Turn off the TV and radio and leave their internet sites. You will begin to listen to your intuition and to see the nonsense around you. It will be a matter of time and, when you watch television again, you will detect his lies as if they had an intrinsic color. Stop believing that you think by your own when you think with television. Don't be afraid of freedom and think for yourself.

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