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You always said that I was pretty. Now, I ask you... Am I still pretty?

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In antiquity, specifically in the Middle Ages of Japan, a man with extraordinary beauty was born. Blue-black hair like ebony, like his slanted eyes, made you think that you were contemplating a deep night with no way out. Porcelain skin, that competed with the color of the snow that fell when the winter peeked over the horizon. A prodigy in arms and eloquent when speaking. All this had brought lustful glances and twisted minds with unhealthy thoughts to his person. More than one man or woman had wanted to possess him before anything else.

Thanks to all this, the family, knowing all that the smallest member was worth, had decided that he only would be taken by that person worth to their eyes, but as long as that person was important to society.

That is why, when a powerful and legendary samurai showed up to ask for his hand, the family did not hesitate for a second to grant it, it mattered little that the jet refused with fervor for the simple fact of not loving the Lord. The warrior in the eyes of all was the best prospect for anyone who wanted fortune and a good life since his courage and audacity on the battlefield were known throughout the country. For all that, nobody opposed his marriage, since nobody believed that there was someone else to complement a being as beautiful and unique as was the young Eriant.

After the wedding the young man's life changed completely, now he had to indulge any whim of her husband, whether in food, in bed or at home ... Even so, married, the suitors never stopped since they knew that he did not love her husband. That's why they still did not miss the opportunity. Eriant never paid any attention until one caught his eye. Becoming friends, comrades in battle ...

To then become lovers.

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Michele Lugetti Michele Lugetti
Successful introduction. Well done, eager to read more!
March 18, 2021, 23:26

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