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A shrinking hero man name is David Seville of the chipmunks' adoptive guardian father been stranded in my alternative dimensional hometown and he is six inches feet so tiniest and meet a giantess tween African American mute girl who becomes secret friend and discover with him on adventures to learn a lesson from mistakes and avoid from risky.

Çizgi Roman/Karikatür Karikatür Tüm halka açık.

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Pilot Episode of Quest Adventure

Beginning scene walking on the sidewalk of Burtonwood Dr. "I wonder I need to find a shelter now. That's a yellow house of number 105? All right. I will find a way to sneak in." A shrinking hero man stops to walk then takes a look at that.

Act one scene in my master bedroom at 105 Burtonwood Dr. "Ha! Alvin been busted by his adoptive guardian father David Seville yells say Alvin! Huh? I hear someone breaks in from the den." The African American mute tween girl stops to watch on the television.

Act two scene in the den... "Whoops. I'm careful with the vase seems ruining now. Uh-oh?" A shrinking hero man been accidentally to bumping against it was falling down on the flooring tan marble tile. "You are David Seville?" The African American mute tween girl picks him up now. "Yeah! I'm," the giantess kid. His high-pitch cue voiced. "Tell me why are you break in and ruin my mom's favorite fragile vase," David? "Because I need a shelter. I am forgiving to accidentally and not pay attention to that," the giantess kid. His high-pitch cues voiced. "Oh. My name is Dionne Allen of your fan club." "Hold on. You are my fan club," Dionne? A shrinking hero man still standing on her right hand. "Exactly! I show you," David.

Act three scene returns back enter my master bedroom at 105 Burtonwood Dr. "Is your plush dolls looking like my guys," Dionne? His high-pitch cues voiced. "Absolutely! My auntie Faye gave my collection Alvin, Simon, and Theodore chipmunks plush dolls," David. The African American mute tween girl replied and nods her head to him. "Oh. I miss them so much in my alternative dimensional hometown TV show of Alvinnn!!! And the chipmunks." A shrinking hero man stands on my white bed near the pink pillowcase. "Hold on. You are coming from my favorite TV show of Alvinn!!! And the chipmunks right," David? "Definitely! I am stranded here without go back to my alternative dimensional hometown during I been tranporting by Simon's portal device Ray, Dionne. Huh?" His high-pitch cues voiced. "It's my mom coming here. Hide in my drawer nightstand and be quiet not get noisy." The African American mute tween girl puts him in this. "Dionne! I'm home." My mom comes in and check on her tween mute daughter. "I thought you were delivering your praline candies to the customers," Mom. "Of course! But, I have to fix your lunch," Dionne. She signs to commuicate her tween mute daughter still standing on the green flooring rug carpet near the white door. "Okay. I guess so, Mom. Phew! I will open my drawer nightstand. David, stay in until I will bring my lunch from the kitchen?" "Sure! No problem," Dionne. A shrinking hero man hides in it.

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