Anthony 1

This chapter is about a teenager who is in Hamilton high-school and is in an apocalypse and while he's in this apocalypse he's trying to find some survivors

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Enjoying myself too much

Pg.1 Well you guys might think zombies are pretty disgusting, but in my opinion I think they're pretty cool all these zombies can do is walk and eat you, you see it's not all that bad for example let's just say last week I was having a little too much fun, I put gasoline in a broken down car and had a whole herd of zombies come chasing after me but when I had my perfect chance I set the gasoline on fire with a match, the whole car blew up along with the zombies.

Pg.2 While walking back to my bunker I saw something in the corner of my eye that was around the block I didn't really think much of it though because there's very slim chances that there's other survivors I haven't seen a single one since the Massacre that was 10 days ago, I walked back to my bunker but something was off I felt a presence and it wasn't a zombies I know that much. "You can come out now." I shouted, I was trying to act calm when I was really nervous *gun clicks* I was so confused of what had just happened.

Pg.3 "Never let your guard down no matter what." I was so scared that I gulped "Y-y-yes ma'am" I almost pissed myself thinking I was gonna die "I could've killed you but my gun wasn't reloaded, and also names Selena Leonard." I just met this girl and she's already being too nice, I need to find out if she's infected somehow "H-hi my name is uh... Jake Balaire." I said nervously.

Pg.4 "Wait you mean the Jake Balaire?!" it seems like she's heard of me before, but how? "Have you heard of me before?" I asked "Uhm duh your literally the smartest kid in the Hamilton high-school and it's hard to even pass one class in that school I don't know how you manage to pull it off." I was shocked and what she said made me more curious than ever "Well I guess your smarter than you look genius *Laughs*" I didn't know how to take that as either a complement or a insult, "Well... thanks I guess."

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