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The mind has incredible potential people often oversee. This potential can change reality as we perceive it. Meet Dr. Robinson an invasive Psychologist that will have to reach the deepest secrets into a patient's mind to find an incredible answer that might change a chaotic world.

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The handles marked a time. Space was deserted and immense, the glorified mass of intelligence advanced in a waltz that resounded in the most remote corners of existence.

The readings were imprecise, almost as if someone or something was playing by the universal rules—a variable in the equation that took a different path for apparently unknown reasons.

The environment seemed normal; all the characteristics of a typical day within a happy and progressing community. The wind beat the trees with such fury that they could barely resist letting their leaves to fall. That gentle blow after a great movement caused a denial within the earth and sky.

The birds seemed to pile up in the sky, trying to explain the signs they were receiving. They circled, bumped into each other, and formed strange shapes. The first reaction of the human being before a singular event is to observe. After a few seconds, the brain analyzes, files, and acts. The action may be late and may vary. Still, the mass does not act reasonably.

In most cases, it stops to look elsewhere, searching for some guidance. The brain does not understand and takes shelter. It looks for a pleasant idea to silence the thought or the incoming alarm that causes lack of control. If it does not achieve calm due to other external entities, panic ensues.

Only that stiff wind could strike the environment. That wave of incongruity and unrest had to come. The limit seemed not to exist, and on that fateful day of an incomplete year, such a case happened. Many did not believe what happened, but everyone could see it. He tried very hard to understand that it was nothing more than an infinitesimal expression of the cosmic comedy of the most resounding and smallest probabilities that can happen.

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