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Ava is relocated to manning town where being a lesbian is treated as treason. You either suffer the consequences of being born the way you are. In her new school, she falls for kara manning the major's daughter who kept her sexuality a secret till she couldn't resist Ava's charms. This lgbt story will tend to reason. Hope to even it. LET YOU LOVE ME

LGBT+ 13 yaşın altındaki çocuklar için değil.

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It was heavily raining that night when Ava Sinclair decided to relocate to Manning. A town that went below the word civilisation to old age. She never cared where she was being sent. She believed something amazing would happen during her time in that miserable town. Yet did she believe, she thought it was to happen.

Her crazy short red hair style gave the citizens who were looking through their windows a first impression of a not easily commanded stranger in town. Driving through the road in her muchly printed truck with the car windows lowered for a view looking at her map for directions.

She arrived her cottage. A rather very miserable house near a small Bush were she was supposed to stay by herself as she assumed. Very distanced far away from the other homes.

The presentation of the house was extrimely discouraging to her sight. Leaking roof, broken door, dirty water and messed up room overoll. She had to mend a few as fast as possible inorder to get a rest cause the next day was school.

Her father was very available when it came to discouraging her sexuality but never cared about her way abouts. Never cared about what she ate or where she left to. Her mother was the actual opposite but so much of a submissive party when it came to obeying her husband Daniel sinclair.

After a blow of Ava kissing a girl in the news papers, Daniel did his best to cover up every story that was written about his name and in a few days, no one was talking about Ava's romance. Then he took the liberty of finding a crucifying place to keep Ava from damaging the Sinclair name.

Brenda tried so hard to keep a positive side of her daughter in the family but she wasn't enough. She couldn't stop Daniel from sending Ava away. A thousand miles far from home.

Ava did well at the cottage handling everything like a handy woman for a surprise. She fixed every inch of the house till it looked guest welcoming. For a bit, she sat to think of what kind of blow this change would hit. With her bottle of beer. She considered all possibilities but not that of dropping from school.

The Sinclairs were quite a wealth family . Too blessed to have Ava so far to a less civilised place. No phones, no nothing. Just the people, the homes, there different behaviors and beliefs.

Ava woke up late the next morning as expected. Had her breakfast and got into her truck to get to school which was about a mile away from where she resided. It took her about ten minutes to get there.

Manning university was very impressive. Very ancient and conducted in a military way. All students were in there respective classes according to what the regulations said. A first day guaranteed Ava's getting spared from winning detention tickets.

She arrived into the principal's office. A fine aged gentleman with slightly grey beards and hardly a grey hair in his head. He knew exactly who she was. Welcomed her to Manning University with a smile that barely anyone had given. Gave Ava her class timetable, the school regulations and tried showing her to her first class lesson when he picked on Kara.

"Excuse me Kara, can you help out the young lady." The principal called through the corridors as Kara was passing by.

"Sure principal. Andrew's." Kara replied with a stingy smile on her face.

"Should I say she is now your responsibility." Andrews headed back into his office living Ava in the care of Kara.

"Welcome to Manning University Ava Sinclair." Kara smile staring at Ava's serious cute face.

"Thank you. Um... how did you know my name. Kara?" Ava alternatively asked.

"So you don't read the paper do you? Well, Stuart drops a paper every morning on each door house and today's heading read. DANIEL SINCLAIR SENDS HIS BELOVED DAUGHTER TO A SMALL TOWN AS PUNISHMENT". She gestured in joy. "You should come from a very wealthy family to have your photo on the first page of every news paper."

"Yeah. That defines me clearly doesn't it?" She sarcastically answered Kara.

"So, can I call you red?" Kara excitingly asked.

"Well, Ava has three digit just like red. I would prefer Ava don't you think?" She turned looking kara closely in the eyes.

"Well, i will call you Ava. As you wish". Kara smiled approaching a classroom door. "This is your classroom. Better yet. We share the classes and I have an empty seat right next to mine if you would like it."

" you've done quite alot for the passed few minutes and I appreciate it but I will pick up from here. Am rather a preferred loner if you don't mind." Ava opened the classroom.

Everyone was looking at her from front to were she took her seat next to a young man. It was obvious they read the paper. Immediately when she took her seat, the teacher had spotted her.

"Miss. Sinclair, it's better to keep a low profile in this school. No one is above the low."She said pointing back at her board.

"Don't mind mrs. Andrews' temper. She gets jealous at time." The guy next to Ava whispered.

Later on for about five minutes when Ava entered the classroom, Kara came in as well. Everyone kept an eye on her. It seems like they couldn't get enough of her despite knowing her for a long time or it was just there way of welcoming anyone inside there class evidently after they stared to another girl who came in later on.

"Well nice to me you..??.." Ava puzzles at the guy next to her.

"Manuel Dante. Nice to meet you too Ava Sinclair." He flirted.

"Does everyone here know who I really am?" Ava asked Whispering to Manuel.

" yes, we read the paper." The whole class including Mrs. Andrews replied excitedly.

"Oh yeah." Ava spoke through glitter teeth having Kara chuckle from the back.

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