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After years of solitary seclusion in her castle, Elisabeth realized that the thousands of years accumulating the most disparate experiences walking on the vast plains of the Earth, did not make her intuit about the most mysterious of feelings: love. Between deaths and reflections, she had cleared up some of her most disturbing doubts. Pursued by a choleric population, Elisabeth begins a journey against her newfound desire and the doubt that has plagued her since the moment she kept one of the most distinguished citizens in the city of Bloodmontain cloistered. She would be willing to decimate an entire population to continue her attempt to insert the kingdom of darkness over the world, starting in the modest city in which she live.

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The clouds arranged and contoured in a straight line by the dim lights of Moon, slowly crossing the sky behind them, partially veiled by high hills of a grayish color, full of snow fixed daily in its reliefs, mixed with the cold and cutting winds of the Alps, that whistled on their tops; its strong winds made the most resistant mortals ruffle their hair when they felt the air pass through their bodies. That night, the smells of rebirth hung over time.

A large oval stone, planned on its summit, supported a dark silhouette, kneeling, sitting on the back of the legs, with his hands on his thighs and watching the immense moonlight transfixing the intersecting mists. The few rays of light reflected on his face exposed his pale hue, partially obscured by long straight black hair. A lascivious and symbolic beauty, she showed off only with her body covered by a long dark-purple dress, transparent in her private parts. His sullen expression, staring at the silver moon, under the dense pitch of the forest below, expressed a confused dismay: the thousands of years of isolation and insensitivity were vanishing. His thought of nourishing himself only from the hematic fluid that sprouted at every moment in people's arteries, exposing their most primitive extinct, joined with another desire. His mind gave asylum to a feeling long lost among the darkest paths of thought.

What did I despise before, so that the sorrow that corrodes me tonight, has dominion over me?, thought Elisabeth Singger, reflecting the moonlight with her black eyes. Yes, I remember one day experiencing this feeling today inaccurate for me, in this perished body. However, the innumerable years that have passed, I no longer assure myself that this insurmountable envelope still does not allow itself to be invaded by this emotion. Yes, this is it! Right now, through fragmented reminiscences, my mind and heart without a pulse return to hypnosis, of what I once called love. But, how is this possible for a lifeless creature? I feel that the more years we have, we will never reach the full wisdom for this question to be answered.

On an impulse, Elisabeth launched herself into the air, above the largest trees in the forest. His robes and long hair glide in the towering cold winds, while the silver moonlight gave shape to his ecstatic body gliding over the jungle. His eyes stared and reflected the lights of the city's electric arches, the gas lamps in the homes, and the tiny torches that penetrated the pitch beneath the forest edge. Deafening noises rang in her ears as she stared at two figures in front of an angry crowd.

─ Kill this being of darkness! Clean the Earth from the Demon! In the name of the Lord, we will annihilate you, cursed! ─ the residents of the simple city of Bloodmontain shouted.

Elisabeth only observed two faces leading the enraged people. Her hair flew free, while her thermal vision examined the arterial and heart palpitations of the warlords leading in the front. His face had begun to tighten with anger from the moment the angry shouts were received by his heightened hearing. The scent of blood flowing through the veins of their fighters penetrated their airways like unstoppable balms. His sharp fangs grew rapidly, at the same time as his pointed nails showed. She opened her arms, looking like a lioness at the beginning of an attack. The milliseconds it took her to predispose herself to the crowd, were the same ones that made her whistle among the people, digging her claws into the abdomen of the two individuals and leading them towards the heart of the forest, amidst rumored men and women , for having only heard the panicked cries of the hooked creatures, and a strong breeze raising their clothes and hair ─ the vampire had passed through all of them at an immeasurable speed, making it impossible for the human vision to perceive her.

─ Run, she is attacking us! ─ they shouted, all frightened, spreading through the dense forest and firing their pistols at random.

The vampire Elisabeth's screams resembled that of the harpies in deep immersions when searching for their prey. Its swift, almost invisible shadow shifted from place to place, tearing down the throats of its pursuers and bringing the esophagus suspended in its hands. Panic had completely invaded the dense forest, as vampire Singger stopped for a few moments and stared at her would-be captors eye to eye, before each deadly bite. That evening, the banquet filled with the liquid vital to life was assured, despite the eternal being having an admirable collection of blood, in its palace above the hills.

─ That, cowards, flee! ─ protested Elisabeth, to the soi-disant executioners. Their frightening crocites made everyone raise their body hair the moment they echoed. ─ You will never extract from my domain, a feeling that I have not experienced for a long time! Now, all of you are going to die here!

Obviously, the vampire was referring to someone who had made love return to its dark world ─ even if it was something seemingly impossible ─ and the beautiful immortal would face them at any cost. But who would be able to appropriate the feeling of such a threatening and unstable creature? Perhaps this was the reason for the popular fury. The oscillating and reddish spots began to fade below the tangles of trees, Elisabeth rose and fell among the leaves, watching the furthest fugitives and bringing them back to the heart of the forest, fast as thoughts. Never had anyone seen anything that moved with such agility. Screams of dread were suppressed by the thick, compact foliage, while the fearful inhabitants stopped, crashing involuntarily into each other's backs. Elisabeth captured them and threw them in the middle of a concentric circle, under crossed leaves and branches. The women's despair was manifested through loud, revulsive cries. Dismembered heads and bodies were thrown under the feet of each of the residents, who at that moment, remained in tears, imprisoned by their fears and the proud presence of the merciless being of darkness.

Hovering slowly towards the ground, Singger watched the whimpers, the rapid pulsations, the wheezing breaths and the terrified looks of the Bloodmontain residents. Her robes and hair slid smoothly as she stopped over the damp foliage of the forest.

─ Describe to me how you longed for my demise or capture, abject beings! ─ the vampire objected vigorously. ─ Did you presume to be able to stop me with these deplorable weapons, lowly mortals?

Silence had dressed the environment, the winds cut and hissed in the trees, while Elisabeth circled, staring at the group of people, crestfallen and flickering.

─ I can smell the fetid smell of your deepest fears and thoughts, bunch of depraved...! No, none of you will leave this place alive! You were all naive and perpetrated one of your biggest mistakes when entering the forest in an attempt to annihilate me!

As Elisabeth flanked the frightened fugitives, repressed in the center, one of them squatted and tried to escape from the opposite side of hers: he took a deep breath, held it for a few seconds and released the air from his lungs gently, aiming at the intense darkness that he was waiting for him before he reached the city. The eyes of his companions denounced the imminent risk that he would take when trying to escape at that moment. It is a threat that gives me no other options: to die fleeing, or to stay and feed this demonic being, he thinks, getting up quickly and running towards the forest.

Citizens who remained trapped in the center, feel a strong breath on their facies, their clothes and hair flutter, so they observe themselves quickly, expressing fear and doubt as to what had just occurred.

─ Did you feel it? ─ asks a gentleman.

With her features and wide eyes, a young lady nods:

─ Yes, she whispers. ─ But... where is shes?

A shrill, machiavellian smile was released, while the sounds of gagging and grunting mingled with the strong winds that shook the trees. The cornered ones were still looking at each other with their heads arched and confused: what's going on? ─ they wondered.

Elisabeth was walking slowly out of the dark forest. In his hands arched upwards, a hanging, vibrant body gave its last spasms as it expelled large amounts of blood through its mouth, rolling its eyes and dipping its head over its shoulders. The vampire had inserted both hands into the fugitive's chest as soon as he had escaped, in the shadows of the trees. His sadistic features delighted in the fleeting fading of life. She removes her left hand from inside the man, grabs him by the neck and quickly and vigorously, removes her other hand from his chest, bringing with it a faint throb. Elisabeth throws the inert body on the feet of her prisoners and raises her hand in front of them, with her heart still beating.

─ Watch, fragile creatures... watch... ─ The eyes of the huddle of people stared at your friend's heart, launching their last pulsars. ─ This is the implication that comes from foolishness.

A young lady lets out a desperate cry and the rest start to gasp quickly. They felt that on their fronts was death, their sublime song of goodbye emerging in a voluptuous body and exuberant curves, allowing all the sensuality and evil together to emerge.

Elisabeth watched the dead man's heart lose its strength as she slid her tongue over him. The organ had completely lost the last residue of energy and had stopped throbbing immediately. Everyone watched very carefully what the vampire's feral face showed, suddenly leading them to be startled by an abominable bite given by her. Blood ran down the corners of his mouth, smearing his cheeks and nose instantly. She throws her withered heart at the feet of her fangs and wipes her lips with her tongue and one hand, introducing her fingers to her mouth and swallowing the blood fluid lasciviously. The citizens' expression of disgust only made her happy and fixedly observe them.

─ Did you all realize that they are all simple wraps that house these fragile muscles inside? Did you notice how mediocre you are and serve us only as food? ─ Again, terror takes over the face of one of the men, however, he lifts his head and affronts her.

─ No, miss ─ he says in a faint voice. ─ We are not as you describe us, we have much more to offer. We are neither food nor mediocre. Although we make big mistakes, we also sympathize. As incredible as this may seem, this is one of the beautiful attributes that make up the human being: compassion. Finally, isn't that why we're here?

Elisabeth fixes her eyes on the insurgent and walks slowly towards him. His heart had begun to pound fast, like the pistons of the trains that ferociously encircled the city of the mountains of blood - that is a name that was perfectly suited to the place of its foundation. Bloodmontain had been born under intense wars between northern and southern tribes. In the end, the warriors came together and built the young city.

─ Wow, so look, i'm observing an intrepid and shrewd sir ─ says Elisabeth in front of the man. ─ I have a faint impression that you are leading individuals subservient and subject to determinations. I am not impressed by your precise objection. ─ She stops for a few seconds and returns walking slowly. ─ True! ─ she shout. ─ You are here in order to rescue one of yours. But, would this be compassion or the hope of obtaining a laurel in favor of their egos...? Through my long existence, I have had the opportunity to analyze these two attitudes of yours, and if it is to choose between the two options, one of them is the one that best suits you. Imposture is one of the most latent actions in human beings. After all, the Lord considered by you as the most compassionate of teachers was crucified for your mercy, was it not? ─ She laughs loudly in a sarcastic tone.

─ You report to us as if there were only vanity and evil among humans. You're wrong. We can destroy ourselves through thoughtless attitudes, but there is something we will always be willing to do to make peace and quiet return, even if we ourselves have caused the disorder. We are undecided and contradictory beings, I know. However, when we need each other we don't hesitate to help. We are still sensitive creatures. Contrary to what you demonstrate to be ─ retort the old man.

Elisabeth raises her arms above her head and bends over the black sky over the trees.

─ Enough!

Rapid wings and hisses gathered around the top of the trees, the few rays of light that transfixed the foliage were being covered, while the whole environment became black, lit only by the few remaining flames in some torches. All the cloistered residents looked up with expressions of dread, turning around, trying to figure out what else was going to happen to them. The hypersonic noises became deafening, causing them to suddenly raise their hands to their ears. The vampire's terrifying smile mixed with her diabolical expression, watching each frightened face. Elisabeth leaps quickly and remains hovering over her victims, swallowing her screams of terror, as her arms make wave movements, telepathically controlling all the bats that surround them. The flock of animals spun rapidly, circling in a concentric manner and flitting close to the heads of individuals, while tearing them apart in each snapped attack on their faces, necks and ears; the entire upper part of the trunk. Elisabeth's expression revealed the intense delight at the horrified screams of each of them. Gradually, the intense screams of pain and despair were fading into the whirlwind of bats, as people fell one by one: some bodies tumbled forward, others sideways and backwards. Each of them was chewed uninterruptedly, as they shook and waved their arms uselessly, trying to chase away the bloody beasts, which swallowed them up like hurricanes ravaging everything in their core. The whirlwind was reddened with the blood swirling evenly with the swift animals of the night. The carnage had begun to show itself after Elisabeth started again, the perfect waving movements by her arms and hands in harmony with the movements of the bats, which gathered and swirled like a funnel out through the tops of the trees.

─ Fly, my precious ones, fly! Return to your valuable and dark temples of rest. Today their famines have been quenched. I will soon find you again, my children.

Slowly the bloodthirsty vampire glided to the ground, looking at the letific remains of each resident who came to confront her. Elisabeth bends towards the bodies and gives a faint smile over the corner of her mouth. His gaze described the satisfaction his body and mind felt. At that moment, awakened from the daydreams that plagued her moments ago, possessed by a feeling that had been lost thousands of years ago, she tosses her long hair to the side, wipes her bloody lips, tracing them with her tongue and arching her body, it is arranged in an upright position. A faint light had begun to appear on the horizon, as his body began an unpleasant instinctual process of survival: The sun begins to rise in the east. It is necessary for me to leave at this very minute, Elisabeth thinks. In the same way that his body reached the center of the forest and devastated his would-be killers, the vampire launched herself into the sky, decomposing into black soot and moving quickly to her dark castle.

Fragile moans and sounds of currents, followed by choking, echoed through the immense corridors of the dungeon in the palace's underground.

Help... ─ a weak voice rang out when he realized someone was approaching. Need help!

Only silence was cautious. Light breaths flickered the hair of the man in chains, making him feel a hazy presence.

─ I know you're here ... ─ He moves his head sideways. ─ I can notice his icy presence when I go around head. I don't picture him in my mind, but I feel that his body exhales the most aromatic balm of flowers. I dare to tell you that they are inaccessible flowers; perhaps because of its inexistence in today's days. Or rather: I believe that in very rare places can we find such a precious plant. And, if this being that lies here is not mistaken, I am still close to my home.


─ Why don't you answer me? What do you have to hide from me? ─ he continues.

Slowly, blackened smoke appeared in front of the prisoner, while his astonished eyes took in the scene. Behold, the beautiful figure in voluptuous robes and profile emerged from the bottom up, walking towards you. The lush walk slept the one who had suffered the afflictions of weakness for a long time, slowly taking his life. The vampire stands in front of him and crouches down, lifting her face by her chin and watching the purple eyes, with a minimal amount of blood circulating.

─ Yes, Count, you only have a few minutes to live, but if you insist a lot, you may celebrate one hour of existence in this irregular and vile world.

The nobleman raises his head again, demonstrating that his energy is rapidly draining away, and asked:

─ What did you do to me? Who are you?

She looks at him with fixed eyes.

─ I don't know which of the questions you want me to clarify for you initially. However, I will elucidate my name, perhaps somewhat commonplace in the past, or august in a more contiguous one. ─ She walks to the dungeon door and stops. ─ My name is Elisabeth, formerly a princess and now a sublime queen of all nobles.

The Count could not understand what she meant by those words.

─ Queen? But, where is your kingdom made, miss ...? And what is happening to me? I feel very weak and the gift of life fades from me. The wind that circulates inside this cubicle puts my body to sleep as if I were on the icy snow that occasionally covers my city. I'm very cold ... I'm very scared!

Elisabeth approaches him again, grabs him by the arms and leans him against one of the corners of the wall. Your heart, keeping its last signs of energy, tries to beat faster, feeling the terrible force coming over it. However, those moments no longer allowed them to have more fear overcome what already afflicted him.

What does she want from me?, he reflects.

Again the vampire gets up and takes two steps back.

─ The World is my kingdom, Count, and only those I allow walk on it ─ she replies. ─ That is why you are still alive. Out of millions, you were chosen to remain united with me; if you wish, because in a few minutes you will die. This that will happen to you.

Count Sanatas open eyes only confirmed what his body and mind felt: fading and dead was inevitable.

─ But what is happening to me ?! ─ He exclaims again, frightened.

─ Hours ago, in the previous diluculum, I followed him and brought him to my castle. Something drew me to you like never before. Feelings that I felt when I was alive, were reborn in me vigorously. ─ His face scrunched up intrigued. ─ You are the chosen one!

─ Chosen ?! What do you mean, “When was alive” ?!

Elisabeth approaches him again.

─ At this moment, we do not have time for detailed explanations. Your life is coming to an end, as I sucked your blood, leaving enough for us to have one last dialogue. I imagine you only have a few minutes to live. But, I can save you, if you wish.

─ How could you prevent my death if you made me stay like this? ─ says the Count.

Approaching, Elisabeth looks at him.

─ You will rule the Earth ... just drink. ─ The vampire exposes her sharp fangs and raises her wrist to her mouth. With a bite, she pierces her veins and takes them to Count Sanatas mouth. ─ Drink! This will help you immediately! Drink or you will die!

Afraid, the Count stared at Elisabeth's pale face as her icy blood trickled down her neck, running through her anemic body.

─ Drink! ─ Elisabeth says high again.

The nobleman's eyes began to fade, his hands fell on his legs and slid sideways. I guess I won't be able to raise my hands for this, he thinks.

─ What are you still waiting for? This will save you! ─ says the vampire, grabbing him by the head hanging to the side.

He struggles once more to open his eyes and looks at the open vampire's pulse in front of him. His weakness and disgust did not allow him to take his mouth to the open and flowing incision. Even in the face of imminent death, the count was unable to do what Elisabeth had ordered.

Her head was beginning to weigh more and more on the vampire's hand; she realized that her final sighs were approaching.

─ Stupid! Proud! You prefers death instead of getting rid of her designs! ─ she says, dropping his limp body on the damp floor. ─ If you wish, then die!

She walks again to the exit and, turning towards him, watches him deliver the last breath looking into her eyes. His look showed that he no longer wanted death at that moment. Elisabeth reads her sore face and in a snap she appears with the count's head on her legs, compressing her open wrist and putting the blood in her mouth. The hematic fluid slid down his tongue and throat, rapidly following his stomach. Her body, being moistened inwardly by the vampire's icy blood, reacts instantly: her eyes dilate and her breathing accelerates abruptly. He grips the vampire's wrist tightly and begins to suck his energies uninterruptedly - similar to someone who drink a glass of water with pleasure when he is very thirsty. Elisabeth waits for a few seconds and pulls him away, pushing one foot against the wall.

─ Let me go! ─ she orders breathlessly.

The Count rises suddenly refreshed, shaking the chains and watching Elisabeth rise and compose herself. She analyzes him already with an intensified body and gives him a faint smile from the corner of her mouth.

─ Do you feel better? ─ she asked him.

─ As I had never felt before, miss! What flows in your veins is the liquid of life!

Elisabeth echoes a haughty and sarcastic smile through the corridors, tosses her hair back and crosses the exit door of the dungeon, leaving it wide open. He watches her puzzled, shifting the chains again.

─ Hey, where are you going ?! Are you going to leave me here this way ?! ─ he says, lifting the clips.

─ Yes! ─ responds the vampire.

─ But, for what reason ?!

─ At the right time, you will understand!

─ How ?! What will happen now ?!

Elisabeth turns again in line with the Count and shouts from eight meters away:

─ Now, you will die!

She holds her robes by the edges, spins swiftly and disappears into the dark, fragmenting into black soot.


Count Sanatas had started to feel nauseous and his stomach, involuntarily, started to feel intense pains; his head throbbed as if it were going to explode and his lungs stopped slowly. The son always returns home, he thinks, referring to the moments ago, when he was walking for the first time to death. How naive of me to think I would survive!

Dread no longer plagued him and his mind began to accept what "fate" had in store for him. The excruciating pains began to subside and his body, once again thrown to the ground, perished in a long time, making him reflect on the most distinct moments of his life. Moisture rippled with his last breaths, as water splashed in front of his face stuck to the icy floor. His pupils dilated in a continuous slip of time, and then the final breath was heard.


Elisabeth watched and listened to the people from the tallest and most nebulous tower in her castle; they talked about what happened the night before. The vampire concentrated on every sound coming from miles ahead. Bloodmontain inhabitants wondered about their relatives and why they had not yet returned to their homes.

Why has no one returned so far?, Everyone wondered. We need to prepare more people and send a huge group of searches!

Elisabeth could only feel the strong winds entering the dark palace, sliding in her hair, making it fly smoothly through the darkness. Something approached her cautiously among the cracks in the huge stones that raised and stowed the vampire queen's dark home. Her attention was fixed on the words of the townspeople, who attempted another attack. Dusk had sprung up on the horizon and night had begun to rise over the city's torches and electric arches. Again, the roaring flames went on towards the center of the forest, destined for the great mountain castle. Elisabeth had thought of killing all those who tried to do anything against her, however, a completely empty city would not be viable for her existence in the same place.

Cursed be those who deny their own phlegm at the expense of others' restlessness...! Execrated they will be by my hands! In this veil that springs up, there will be no mercy!, Elisabeth thinks, turning her eyes to the side.

She had felt a presence examining it minutes ago.

─ I was waiting for you, my appearing sir! Here I prostrate myself to abdicate my supreme power, so that together we may reign among these vile creatures!

Among the shadows, there was a silhouette of elongated hair and dark skin, dressed in a long overcoat over his noble robes. Count Sanatas walked slowly towards Elisabeth, as she admired him. His face showed - antagonistically - a mixture of hatred and alacrity. Perhaps because of suffering and rebirth after twice going through the previous hardships to revival a new life.

─ What did you do to me? ─ asks the count, confused by everything he heard and saw in a keen way. ─ Who are these people and where do these voices come from ...? I even listen to the crawling of worms feeding on putrid remains! This is a torment!

Elisabeth opens her arms in support and calls him:

─ Come to me, my sir ...! You are no longer the same; in moments you will adapt to its new inclinations. You are no longer part of the mortal world, but you need it for your perpetuation.

─ What did you do to me ?!

─ I gave you a new life! You have eternity to take advantage of it; don't squander it!

He kneels about ten feet from her, rests his elbows on your thighs and puts his hands over his ears.

─ I can't stand these noises anymore!

Elisabeth approaches quickly and says:

─ Just focus on each sound and separate them in your mind; make them return to their natural pursuits. Soon you will hear only what you wish, my sir.

The noble stops for a few moments, removes his hands from his ears and fixes his eyes on nothing; he stay oblivious to his surroundings. Elisabeth studied him calmly, while listening to the footsteps and grinding of teeth of the approaching angry population.

Kill her! Kill her! ─ They shouted.

Suddenly, the Count wields the vampire by the neck and lifts her against the wall. His black, enraged eyes showed how much his previous life would be missed.

─ I have a daughter, unfortunate wight! Why did you do this to me ?!

In the blink of an eye, Elisabeth turn into soot and reappears behind him, turning him on his back to the wall, holding him by his overcoat and lifting him the same way he dided.

─ I saved your life! ─ retort the queen of vampires. ─ All those who come to kill us, planned to rebel against royalty and hang all the Counts in all the provinces! And, there's something else: Your daughter was murdered by one of them, sir Count Sanatas!

─ Lie! ─ replies, shaking, compressed on the wall. ─ Let me go, I need to see her!

As strong as he had become, his powers did not match those of the vampire queen. While he shook his body and held Elisabeth's arms, she just watched him slowly give up, dropping one arm at a time and leaving his body inert. The vampire drops him and he falls to his knees at her feet, but there were no tears to be seen falling from his eyes. All the feelings that made him human for thirty-five years were gone. What he had thought was a deep pain, the moment he knew that his daughter was dead, had been only strong memories, leading him to believe that he could still feel love. But why not? After all, he was in that castle because possibly Elisabeth had felt something for him, and there was no way to call it any other way... nor to explain.

─ Now get up and join me, my Count! You will be my king and I will be your queen! It is necessary for us to leave at this moment ─ said the vampire as the axes, sickles and timbers hit the castle's immense portal. ─ Come on, my precious Count, let's start our most beautiful agape!

Count Sanatas gets up restored, looks her in the eye again, takes her by the arms, and on an impulse kisses her lasciviously. It had taken Elisabeth a few moments to realize that what she had done was the most correct attitude of all possible. They gasp in wonder, run to the edge of the black tower and jump towards the great light of the Moon, partially obscured by clouds. Their hair flew up as the two watched each other voluptuously.

─ This is our immense banquet, my Count! ─ says pointing to a crowd of people roaring in front of the palace. ─ Let us get rid of these idiots!

He watches the darkness below and instantly his vision sees the pulsations of the red veins flowing through the bodies of the crowd.

─ Here I am to accompany you, my queen! Let us enjoy what we have been given as a gift!

The couple spins and dives like an arrow towards the invaders. Their pointed teeth and claws were open in front of their heads immersed in the winds that stretched their hair up. A loud and unison shout of the two vampires caused some citizens to look up, in contemplation of the latest images from the black sky.

They will attack us from above! ─ They shouted when they saw the vampires approaching and snapping at several of them at the same time.


Copyright© C.S. Moses (Moisés Calado) ─ 2019

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