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Frederico de la luna is a madman with unclear motives who leads a group of mercenaries in search to destroy as many cities as he can. Alister, his second in command has vowed to protect him even though Frederico treats him poorly. It's only made worse when you realize Alister is his son and for some reason, Frederico doesn't remember him. Its left to wonder, what made the once noble and caring father into the crazy beast he is now?

Fantastik Epic Sadece 18 yaş üstü için.

#love #war #magic #post-apocalyptic #demons #kingdoms #violence #fight #witches #family #abuse #madness #mercenary #destruction #swordfight #sickness #sorcery
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Prologue: Crimson will

Lost in the vortex of time and space within the worlds, there we are. Red land, crimson skies giving gentle hue, like being in an eternal twilight were the sun comes closer to the ground giving us its tormenting warmth, but we handle it, that's how we live. Only condemned beings and demons roams this place for eternity.

They called it "Elision", I called it…home…

At least I used to call it that way, now it's just…"Hell".

Every day is a constant torment I wish I could end, but I can't…so I just follow the dark wind of fate until it swallows me and break this accursed curse. That's my only wish.

Prologue: Crimson will

There he was struggling to find his way towards the main hall; his leg was badly injured with its dark blood and red flesh tearing apart with every step, the memory of skin was rotting away because of the living inferno inside the castle. Everything was on fire, the castle town and the castle itself. His pain was unbearable but his will to protect his lord was much stronger, so he struggle towards the room with blood dripping away in every step and with pieces of his leg falling apart.

"Your…grace…" he tried to scream,

He was the only one left, the others were brutally murdered, they sliced them, stabbed them, burn them and cut their heads, he still had the wound in his throat as a memento of his near death experience. They had no morals, just anger and hate.

Finally after a long painful journey he reached the room and with his remaining energy opened the door.

With great speed a thin sword pierce his head, leaving a trace of blood tainting his murderer, even with his eyes wide open he couldn’t see the face of the one who took his life. He fell into the ground covered in scarlet liquid.

"Why look! He tried to save you!" said the man holding a head from the hair making it stare with its dead eyes the new corpse. "What a loyalty" the man in navy colored suit, pale skin, blue cape and white hair was covered from head to toes in blood. He silently moved toward the head's body and threw the head away. "I thought you would put more of a fight" he said piercing with his tainted sword the fatal wound which killed the lord in life. "How disappointing" he then took his former enemy's sword and pierced his head into it, then walked away leaving a trace of burning flames in the throne room.

I was inside the Lord's room looking at his family, trembling, crying.

I didn't care. I wonder when all emotion fade away.

"Please…let my son live" said the mother holding her scared son in her arms.

I took my sword and with one swing I cut the mother's head, her son saw it all, he was screaming terrified…It was annoying. I slice his throat and he died from blood loss of course. I left the room leaving it in care of the burning flames.

Outside everything was destroyed they didn't put much of a fight, they were now fried and dead, the only ones alive were us. The Luna's army.

The blood soaked man came outside the castle holding the victory symbol, the rulers head and puts the sword in the ground.

"Sir! All civilians were successfully terminated" said a slender red haired witch dressed in black.

"Thanks, lady Frida" he said

"It’s Nadie sir…" she corrected slightly annoyed.

"It's not important" he looked at me "What's your name, did you finish with the family"

I frowned, he forgot again…

"I'm Alister, and yes I did"

"Perfect, this is done now."

The screams of victory from our army went to the air within the smoke of the flames.

That was our leader Frederico de la Luna.

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