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This synopsis to my in-progress novel of "The Stein and the Studebaker: Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles" summarizes how my main character, Peter Olson, is drawn into circumstances for which he has no frame of reference, no life experience to guide him. My intent is to finish writing this story around mid-July of 2017.

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   An out-of-character navigational error by Peter Olson's wife, her fateful hasty decision, and a stranger's failure to obey their pharmacist's warning label on prescription medication create Peter's involvement with a double homicide case that went cold in 1960.

   Peter has nearly reached his forty-fifth birthday.  He is stunned to realize he has lived in southern Texas for five years already.  Time flew while he cultivated steadfast friendships with his in-laws and neighbors.  To no one's surprise, Peter's devotion to his Lone Star State born-and-raised wife, Alyssa, runs deep, Marianas Trench deep.

   Then tragedy rips his world asunder in an instant.

   Grief sends devastated Peter back to his birthplace, Salem Oregon, but not before he opens a peculiar birthday gift from his beloved Alyssa.

   He finds an enormous stein made in Augsberg Germany she had intended as a gag present for him.  From reading a short note she left inside, he learns the ornate drinking vessel was a spontaneous purchase.  A sinister past is linked to it, a past most are unaware of.  That majority includes a retired history teacher Alyssa bought the gift from after she missed a turn, discovered a yard sale in south Houston, and found herself drawn to what appeared to be just another table of miscellaneous novelties.

   The stein triggers nocturnal incidents which defy rational explanation.  Peter does not remain ignorant in regard to its supernatural properties, unlike the multitude that came in contact with it before him.  He comes to understand the stein his wife bought for him in Texas is a paranormal catalyst for incidents that cannot be dismissed in a routine manner.  Just as his wife was drawn to his centuries-old birthday gift, he is led to an abandoned 1957 Golden Eagle Studebaker that should be immobile.  Yet it begins to roam asphalt in the still hours of every night, with or without a person behind its wheel, mere hours after he acts upon a compulsion to have it towed from Marionberry brambles in rural east Salem.

   Can he prevail in spite of a debilitating hit to his psyche?  Is it possible for him to overcome his depression on behalf of a deceased young couple powerless to break a cycle which holds them trapped on a world they cannot even touch?  Will bitterness claim the new widower so fully he is doomed to haunt Earth as well when his allotted years are spent?  And how long will the couple's murderer continue to evade justice?

   There is much at stake, from Salem Oregon to Houston Texas, so Peter Olson must choose how he is to conduct himself in the face of black despair.  He has a unique opportunity to assist wronged restless spirits that seek peace.  The question is whether or not he is up to such a challenge while he is also fighting a personal battle in his own soul.


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Michael Holman Factoring in my day job as an Oregon Department of Transportation data entry operator, distance running, maintaining my dad's property with yard chores, reading fiction from KN Lee and Stephen King, and writing my own fiction, my 24 hours get filled in a hurry. Oh, sleeping sometimes happens, too.

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