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Alps Trembling (german&english)

Ein junger Inspektor, Erik Leglé, der gerade die Polizei Akademie abgeschlossen hat, wird einer älteren Komissarin zur Seite gestellt. Ein Mordfall in der Berner Altstadt in einem Tango Lokal ist a... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The ShadowWriters' Syndicate

In a world where characters from stories can sometimes come to life, most writers with 'the gift' are closely monitored or put in a special camp by the Souvereign Government. Melchior is a young t... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Verified Stories

Verified stories, what are them, why we are doing it, and how to get your stories verified. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Writer's Blog

Your place within Inkspired to find posts about how to improve your writing skills OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Colourland Series 5: End of the Preliminaries

The last battles of the preliminaries happen. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Colourland Series 6: Finals

The final match of the tournament happens with an intense fight, Warbler has an important decision to make. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Colourland Series 6: Quarterfinals

The quarterfinals of the tournament happen with very intense fights. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Colourland Series 6: Round of 16

The fights in the Round of 16 continue. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Colourland Series 6: Semifinals

The semifinals start with two extreme fights. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Colourland Series 7: End of the Series

Crayon and Challenger have a special battle to see how far they have both came. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

El exilio en la literatura hispanoamericana

Hola chicos, Aquí estoy tratando de explicar sobre el El exilio en la literatura hispanoamericana OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Passion Sparks

A forbidden attraction grows even more complicated when Brooklyn Emerson's high school boyfriend, Sterling McGregory becomes her boss and moves into her house, things are bound to get complicated. ... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The Hero of Star Hero academy

An academy where people train to become heroes. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The Life of Littletato

Littletato was a potato that lived alone, she was always tripping and walking through cities, and loved to live and to see new things, one day she found another potato, and then they talked alot... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

On freedom of agency & the finding of lost hearts

It is a fairly straightforward story told in a basic fairytale-esqe language about a female thief in contract to a demon who must enter the Eldenwood to steal a magical amulet. It is competent but ... OKUMAYA BAŞLA