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Brown Alien and the Magic Three

Lance's life with his wife, Fe, is falling apart after some "legal trouble." His distress will lead him to discover the brown alien, some Sanskrit words, and a mystic gang lord named Luci who is he... Gizem/Gerilim OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Flight of Courage

Join the journey of a woman and her child attempting to run away to safety from the abusive, controlling, husband and father they once thought loved them. Actions speak louder than words. Their liv... Gizem/Gerilim OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Master of Dragons

Was it so wrong for her to learn swordsmanship? Yes, after all woman were supposed to be frail, and quiet homemakers. Alas, she was anything but. Her dear father encouraged her whims, letting her e... Fantastik OKUMAYA BAŞLA

(Old vers) Under Satyr's Orders

La improbable historia de amor entre un adicto al sexo y un asexual. BL +18 Esta es la versión antigua del cómic, chequea mi perfil para leer la nueva versión (ojo, está en inglés). Görsel Hikaye Çizgi Roman/Karikatür OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Pandemia: Erotic Stories in an Uncertain Time

Lives in a small midwestern town intertwine during the pandemic of 2020. Originally written and published in 2020. *** WARNING*** This is an erotic fiction story. It has adult content, sexual s... Yetişkin İçerik OKUMAYA BAŞLA


A tale of a broken relationship, and revenge. Kısa Hikaye OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The Warlock and the Vampire (inglés/English)

Meg is a girl, but not just any girl, she's a vampire girl. She lives like any human just so they don't find out. But just knowing a guy's life is a 180-degree turn, but this guy's not just any com... Bilim Kurgu OKUMAYA BAŞLA


He holds onto an escaping love... Ele segura em um amor fugitivo... Şiir OKUMAYA BAŞLA


A tale of a failing relationship. Şiir OKUMAYA BAŞLA