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In the year 2000, an event known as the "tragic Christmas" will change the world, a large part of the world's population will awaken a series of abilities, known as singularities, that will turn th... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

It wasn´t me

It wasn´t me , It can´t be me. Why isn´tshe reacting, my darling wake up, those are not my finger tips, they can´t be. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Meeting Me In Between

I never imagined I would know what it feels like to see through someone's soul. I could see his soul - his eyes showed his truth but I never imagined it would feel like this, his soul completely be... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

La vie d’une sociopathe

Une Jeune fille psychopathe avec des trouble de comportement et de sommeil se fait enfermer dans une hôpital assez spécial à l’heure de sa sortie elle décide de ce venger des gens qui lui on apport... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The Lies We Believe, The Truths We Don't

Eliza gets pulled into a world of chaos, trying to find whoever is stalking her. Yet, some truths are harder to believe than fiction... OKUMAYA BAŞLA