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Bag of hate

The one left behind is the one who sees the longest shadows. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Motel room

Does beauty attract loneliness? Why is it that some seemingly perfect people never manage to connect with their surroundings? Is it because they are snobby and arrogant? Or are they old souls, that... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Nuevas formas de Soledad

La Soledad en nuestros días, en diferentes matizes, alegres y tristes OKUMAYA BAŞLA

One Cold Night

Short story about two amicable characters that you will love. OKUMAYA BAŞLA


The first of four parts of the Phesora story that will deal with the story of Zane, a young man who discovers a ritual that allows him to travel to another dimension where he will discover totally ... OKUMAYA BAŞLA


“É por nosso relacionamento”, tentou justificar. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The feast of silence

A time travel through ethyl memories. OKUMAYA BAŞLA

White Nights

By Fyodor Dostoyevsky. "White Nights" is told in first person by a nameless narrator; the narrator is living in Saint Petersburg and suffers from loneliness. He gets to know and falls in love with... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

An Orderly Life

A woman laments what she feels was an unfulfilled life. She examines her marriage and tries to realize her dream of a grand adventure OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Demons Everywhere

Fighting and living with the demons in your head OKUMAYA BAŞLA


What everybody want in life is to live to achieve our aspirations,dreams,passions and a whole lot but there's a saying "what we want we don't get" Sometimes we get caught up in situations we can do... OKUMAYA BAŞLA

Loving shadow

Shadow-your only loyal friend OKUMAYA BAŞLA

The Lone Wolf

A poetry about loneliness and destiny. Hope you guys understand and enjoy this little work of mine. And please let me know your thoughts about my work OKUMAYA BAŞLA

¡Ya no quiero seguir pensando!

Amor, soledad, resentimiento... No se exactamente como me siento después de la hermosa y deprimente historia, que me paso con aquella mujer que hizo que mi mundo no sea tan desagradable. OKUMAYA BAŞLA