The Sky City Chronicles

The Sky Chronicles is the story of a multidimensional gate across space and time with practical messages we can use to improve our world today and facilitate peace and harmony on a global scale.
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The Rise of the Phoenix

This is a science fiction story about hummanities spirit and ability to always overcome the odds stacked against it.
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The Forgotten World

In the year 3025, humanity had reached a pivotal moment in its quest for knowledge and exploration. The advancements in technology had finally allowed a group of intrepid astronauts to venture beyond the confines of the solar system. The crew of the starship Odyssey, led by Captain Alan Parker, embarked on a historic mission to journey into the un…
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The Library Of Echoes

When a group of individuals from different backgrounds join forces, they discover the power of collaboration and friendship. Together, they face obstacles with unwavering determination and support, proving that unity can bring joy, strength, and triumph in the face of adversity.
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Glimpses of the Digital Frontier

Hunter's life in a bustling city is disrupted by bizarre glitches in reality. With the help of Kira and tech-savvy Michael, they uncover a self-aware entity trapped in a digital realm, leading them on a quest that challenges the boundaries of existence and ethics. Can they free the entity without unraveling their own reality?
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Game Theory and the Battle for Humanity- 2

This is an interactive story about a post-apocalyptic world that follows behind a previous story entitled "Game Theory and the Battle for Humanity". This story like most of my works attempt to provide a philosophical message that I hope is helpful. Hope my readers enjoy this work.
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The Ticking Leap.

Single man Max goes out to the nightclub in one year, he wakes up in a completely different year, married.
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The HACK Team (English)

Evreninin parçası XAE Four friends from different parts of the world get together in a video-game that is going to take them through different adventures on virtual reality. Story created for the challenge “The Adventurer” of The Author’s Cup.
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Shadows Over Liberty

"Shadows Over Liberty" is a story created for a challenge on this platform. In "Shadows Over Liberty," a futuristic floating city becomes the stage for an extraordinary adventure when Alex and Jordan, two residents with differing views, witness a dimensional rift opening in the sky. Determined to explore this phenomenon, they embark on a journey t…
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La civilización perdida

La humanidad después de su caída, emprende una odisea para buscar otros mundos fuera del sistema solar, descubriendo un planeta habitable donde se hallan vestigios de una civilización perdida y avanzada.
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The Lost Civilization

This story was written for a challenge here on the platform. EchoBeings are advanced robots with artificial intelligence, connected to humans through neural implants, allowing for a unique symbiosis where thoughts, sensations, and emotions are shared in real-time. Created to expand human capabilities, they can operate in extreme environments inac…
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Before the Fleet

Years of cryo-sleep separate Endo and Yana from their home planet of Earth. Awoken aboard a spaceship, their only companions are their rigorous work and the vast emptiness of space. Their mission: to find a new home among the stars. Together, throughout many years, they form a bond, collaborating on their studies, and contemplating the ethics of…
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Jüpiter, Güneş Ötesi Araştırma İstasyonu 23. Yüzyılda başka bir sisteme 2 insan göndererek müthiş bir projeye başlar. Ancak astronotların 'Parlak' adını verdiği gezegen sisteminde eskiden kendilerinden olan bir toplum vardır!
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A white whisper playing in the landscape

In the distant future, an intrepid group of space explorers are the first astronauts to travel outside of the solar system. They land on a mysterious planet by chance, just to discover an ancient civilization deep within the uncharted territory. Pushed by their curiosity, they go deep into the land to make a discovery that will change mankind's vi…
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WONKI (English version)

From the remoteness of the land, infinite worlds can be perceived. Given that, at a certain period in human history, frontiers and neighboring lands were colonized in order to extend trade further, thus establishing the need for new extraterrestrial alliances. In this short passage, it narrates how one of these commercial emancipations would lead …
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Valencia, The Fallen Empire

Captain Laura was the first female astronomer to venture out to the outer space with her crew members. They were able to study and develop safety measures to protect them against the hazardous elements of space. Their mission was to unravel the mystery of outer space life beyond the solar system and acquire knowledge of the universe. She never exp…
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Evreninin parçası TB. Universe Warlust is about a princess of the Harron Imperium. Princess Morgan Harron must find a way to fill her father’s shoes as empress even if she has disdain for ruling after the planet of Itolth, a colony planet of New Earth, takes over her father’s empire. Morgan must manage her feelings of hate, lust for war, fear, and murderous tendencies in the …
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The Hidden Kingdom

This will be an anthology that will relate the coexistense between dinosaurs and humans in the universe from the future novel "The Hidden Kingdom".
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A Day Through Berkley's Time Machine

The way Jade and Jane were attracted to and repelled by each other in the journey through Berkely's Time Machine and the way they both realized the other that made them good friends cook up the whole story "A Day through Berkely's Time Machine". Jane and Jade were pulled into Berkeyle's Time Machine to complete a mission by the people of the vill…
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Midnight Encounters

Outback cop was on patrol when he was driving back when he spotted a figure and bright light coming from the open desert. From that he had encounter the strange men that wear suits who call them self the men in black
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Ground Zero

Title: Ground Zero Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Race Against Time Summary: In the wake of devastation, the world lay in ruins, a mere echo of its former glory. "Ground Zero" chronicles the harrowing journey of disparate souls, brought together by the cruel hands of fate. As they emerged from the debris, a motley crew of individuals, each carr…
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Without Borders

Step into the near future, where exhilaration and fear collide in HC Holbert's latest masterpiece. This compelling tale captivates readers, drawing them into a world both exciting and terrifying. In this must-read book, Holbert weaves a narrative that resonates with raw emotion. Each page is infused with potent storytelling, gripping the reader's …
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Siyah Ay ve Beyaz Bulutlar (Tamamlandı)

Hissedememek ya da hatırlamamak bana çok berbat şeylermiş gibi gelirdi ama şu an ikisini de geri istiyordum. *** Ellerimi saçlarımın arasından geçirdim. Artık sorularımı sorma vaktiydi. "Yani biz birbirimizi iyileştirdiğimiz için bu mavilikler, soğukluk... Bu hissettiğim garip şey... Öyle mi?" Ilgaz da benim gibi ayağa kalkmış, hafifçe bana yakla…
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"Galactic Unity: Embracing Diversity in a Wondrous Future" is a captivating tale set in a futuristic world where alien races coexist harmoniously. The story follows the lives of various alien families as they navigate their daily routines, highlighting the importance of unity, collaboration, and respect in shaping a thriving society. Readers will…
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Nicole is a new addition to the famed Galactic Rangers. However as her time being a Ranger makes her more famous, destiny calls her and beacons her into an adventure forward into her true identity.
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Beyond the Stars

This story is about a group of everyday people who embark on a thrilling journey through uncharted territories in the vast expanse of space. They face incredible challenges, encounter extraterrestrial beings, and unravel the mysteries that lie beyond our solar system. It's a tale of curiosity, courage, and the relentless human spirit as they push …
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Ark Vill

Ark Vill a small town where nothing really happens. Spencer Darkwood a local farmer is about see something the town has never seen before.
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Cosmo and her brother Buzz are what you would expect in a sibling duo, one and the same. However, when the two suddenly find themselves on a mission that has more questions then answers, it's up to them to save the galaxy chase for answers that will change the fate of their lives forever.
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