Stardust and Sweethearts

In the enchanting melodies of "Stardust and Sweethearts," each love song becomes a timeless story, painting the vibrant hues of passion and tenderness. Feel the warmth of whispered promises in every note, as the music weaves tales of stolen glances and shared dreams. With each lyric, hearts entwine like stardust settling on the canvas of the unive…
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Waving Away

A late captain decided to ship his dreams away...
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Raven's Soliloquy

In the stillness of moonlit nights, "Raven's Soliloquy" invites you into a world cloaked in shadows. Through haunting verses, the poet's pen whispers secrets of darkness, echoing the melancholy of lost souls. Each stanza is a dance with despair, painting vivid images of sorrow and longing. With every turn of the page, you'll feel the weight of sor…
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A Philosophers Search for Meaning Volume III

What's contained in this work is a collection of my thoughts and poetry.
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The Music of the Soul

This is a true story about my family their spiritual traditions and family beliefs retold in one Ode Poem that you can read in under ten minutes.
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Book of Poems

Evreninin parçası LIRA+VERSO Diverse poems for poetry lovers.
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Among Pawprints and Verses

English Translation of "Entre Huellas y Versos." This book compiles a collection of poems that celebrate the deep connection between the author and her faithful canine companion, Ámbar. Through verses filled with emotions and shared experiences, themes such as loyalty, joy, unconditional love, and the mischievous moments that color everyday life a…
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She raises the way to hell, with her glass slippers. Bewitching any prince, who pose before his eyes. Cinderella, pretty plebeian, of the night she's the queen.
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Love's Palette: Painting Poetry with Affection

"Love's Palette: Painting Love with Affection" is a collection of heartfelt poems that explore the myriad shades of love. Each poem is a brushstroke on the canvas of emotions, blending the colors of passion, tenderness, and longing. From the vibrant hues of new love to the subtle tones of enduring affection, this poetry book captures the essence o…
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Genesis 7:11

At 7:11 the flood come down The sources of the abyss are broken The cataracts of heaven are open This night all angels fall
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Call for a moony night

Wrote this poem and it took me a few hours... Still don't know why, despite that, I hope it makes sense for you as much as it did for me. With Artbreeder I created a few pictures using the poem's name, I put one at the beginning and another at the end :)
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The God, The Almighty...

The God, the Almighty...
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The Book of Bones and Smoke

Can a book of poems take you to another world? Will a collection of them make your mind swirl? Venture too deep, and the words start to breathe.... Why don’t you give it a whirl?
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One More

One more can be good when more can be bad we'll take one more if they can be had
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Shattered Moments

A poem about heartbreak found in misplaced love and fighting through the pain to make sense of it.
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Music From the Soul

A poem of loss and tragedy
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Life In School

You cannot not relate to this. A normal daily life of every student middle school and high school. Every line is nostalgic. And fun. It will bring back all the laughing moments in school with freinds and teachers. PS: Love The Teachers
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Voices of insight

Man keeps on making many journeys on this earth throughout his life, during this time he keeps seeing and feeling the surrounding world and every aspect of nature. Due to this seeing and feeling, many words are born in the creative mind . The writer saves those words and brings them to the world in the form of a timeless poem, after reading which …
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Night Thoughts (Poems)

Night Thoughts. Let's just say some short poems about someone and something that i consider my thoughts every night and i can't get it out of my head.
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A Wonder Of Mine

The speaker was worried about his lover thinking that he was deceiving her in their relationship. Treating him as a hoax, which was the only drawback of her, he was worried but still he was feeling great about her with how she was concerned about him in his life. He praised her and wanted to reciprocate her by making her know and by letting out hi…
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Thought Bubbles

Thought bubbles are how I describe the little “snippets” of stories/poems/writings that pop into my head. I thought maybe pulling a few and putting them in one spot would be neat. Thank you for taking the time to read them. I’ll add and possibly subtract from this frequently, hopefully. -Kelly Alice *This has kind of turned into my poem journal/t…
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Mother Nature

'Mother Nature' is a poem composed by Kitty Chan. It is about mother nature and it's beauty.
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Poetic Diary

Speaking a word with sounds is not enough to reveal our feelings and thoughts about the everyday life. Sometimes, silence is right to speak something a clue like inscribing every letters in a paper, making the word more fanciful and powerful, showing the meaning more impressive to hear. This is why poetry also invented to write to make voice for o…
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Poetry For The Soul: A book filled with Inspiration by KeilaB

A collection of inspirational poetry and short stories, based on my life. Each and every one of the poems and short stories, are based on a true story in my life. I just felt the need to share them. I feel my words will greatly encourage someone and will lift their soul.
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All In One

All In One: Is a poem that explore different themes, emotions, offering unique perspective and insights on life, love and the human experiences. 1. Come, Let's Go 2. Our Incomplete Story 3. Wondering Round 4. Fighting Alone 5. You 6. Love 7. Nature
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When love touches our heart, it opens up to new things , and every feelings becomes pure and real .
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Whispers of the Soul

Whispers of the Soul is my battle in the form of poems. Poems that Speak the Language of Love and loss and lessons learned along the way. From heartbreak to love, demons to hell, all while dealing with mental health and ultimately finding solace and growth, these poems reflect the depths of the human experience. With empathy as the guiding force. …
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