Stardust and Sweethearts

In the enchanting melodies of "Stardust and Sweethearts," each love song becomes a timeless story, painting the vibrant hues of passion and tenderness. Feel the warmth of whispered promises in every note, as the music weaves tales of stolen glances and shared dreams. With each lyric, hearts entwine like stardust settling on the canvas of the unive…
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Waving Away

A late captain decided to ship his dreams away...
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Raven's Soliloquy

In the stillness of moonlit nights, "Raven's Soliloquy" invites you into a world cloaked in shadows. Through haunting verses, the poet's pen whispers secrets of darkness, echoing the melancholy of lost souls. Each stanza is a dance with despair, painting vivid images of sorrow and longing. With every turn of the page, you'll feel the weight of sor…
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Book of Poems

Evreninin parçası LIRA+VERSO Diverse poems for poetry lovers.
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Among Pawprints and Verses

English Translation of "Entre Huellas y Versos." This book compiles a collection of poems that celebrate the deep connection between the author and her faithful canine companion, Ámbar. Through verses filled with emotions and shared experiences, themes such as loyalty, joy, unconditional love, and the mischievous moments that color everyday life a…
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She raises the way to hell, with her glass slippers. Bewitching any prince, who pose before his eyes. Cinderella, pretty plebeian, of the night she's the queen.
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Love's Palette: Painting Poetry with Affection

"Love's Palette: Painting Love with Affection" is a collection of heartfelt poems that explore the myriad shades of love. Each poem is a brushstroke on the canvas of emotions, blending the colors of passion, tenderness, and longing. From the vibrant hues of new love to the subtle tones of enduring affection, this poetry book captures the essence o…
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Genesis 7:11

At 7:11 the flood come down The sources of the abyss are broken The cataracts of heaven are open This night all angels fall
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Call for a moony night

Wrote this poem and it took me a few hours... Still don't know why, despite that, I hope it makes sense for you as much as it did for me. With Artbreeder I created a few pictures using the poem's name, I put one at the beginning and another at the end :)
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When love touches our heart, it opens up to new things , and every feelings becomes pure and real .
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Whispers of the Soul

Whispers of the Soul is my battle in the form of poems. Poems that Speak the Language of Love and loss and lessons learned along the way. From heartbreak to love, demons to hell, all while dealing with mental health and ultimately finding solace and growth, these poems reflect the depths of the human experience. With empathy as the guiding force. …
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Arafta kaldığım, ruhumun serzenişte olduğu ya da hissettiklerimi yazıya dökebildiğim zamanlarda yazdıklarımdan oluşan bir kitap. Biraz edebi, biraz kendimden serzenişler. Ben, okuduğumda bana uzun uzun düşündüren yazıları çok seviyorum. Umarım sizi de uzun uzun düşündürür yazdıklarım. :")
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Korean famous poem

The Best poet in korean history
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Korean Star Poem (from Korean history)

Famous star poem in Korea,
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Loved in different worlds

In a world where colors blend, A tale of love, let me commend. A black girl and a white boy's grace, Their hearts entwined, a vibrant embrace. She, a queen with ebony hue, Radiating strength, her spirit true. He, a prince with skin like snow, Kindness in his eyes, a gentle glow. Their paths converged by fate's design, Two souls enamored, intertw…
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The home of my memories.

The live express the feelings to be good.I give you my emotions in this poem.
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The Sky of the Magic life.

My feelings makes the good roads if i understand them.
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Harmonious Love's Melody

This poem is about the enchanting journey of love and romance. It explores the deep connection and harmonious bond between two souls destined to be together. Through heartfelt verses and serene melodies, it captures the essence of love's power to ignite passion, create a symphony of emotions, and guide us through both light and darkness. The poem …
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Cosmic Symphony

This poem captures the vastness of the cosmos, where celestial lights gleam and dreams beam. It leads us through an ethereal dance of love in the starry sky, guided by the symphony of light and cosmic melodies. Constellations whisper and play in the cosmic Milky Way, revealing the captivating beauty of the universe. As darkness falls, the cosmic s…
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Whispering Woods

This poem is about the beauty and harmony found in nature. It speaks of the enchanting melodies of the birds, the vibrant colors of blooming meadows, and the gentle whispers of the wind. It portrays the serene embrace of the forest and the secrets it holds. From the gentle touch of sunlight to the majestic presence of mountains, every aspect of na…
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"FLORAL RHAPSODY" is a romantic poem that celebrates the beauty and vibrant colors of nature's blossoming blooms. It paints a picture of a serene meadow filled with dancing flowers, conveying a sense of love, passion, and serenity. Through its enchanting verses, the poem captures the fragrant essence and poetic elegance of the natural world.
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My Heart Beats

Music is at the center of my life. It was only right to put together something in honor of all that it has done for me and to me. It has never turned it's back on me and never fails toake me feel better. Here's to you Music 🎶
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Liminal Spells

A poetry blog to inspire others to connect to the natural world, and seek wisdom in the cycles of nature. These are the musings of a woman going through a transformative season in her life. Follow the journey, as she learns to trust her own voice, and emotions.
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A poem about love disparity.
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Some poems

Fun poems ig?
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Sessiz Şiirler

Sessizliğe ihtiyacım vardı belki de Birazcık kendimi dinlemeye...
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Karanlığın İçinden Şiirler

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Words to express your love... And just love but all with emotions
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