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Voyvoda vampirlerin doğumuna sebep olduğunda Ay Hanlığı da kurtarıcı bir kurt göndermişti. İki düşman ırk bugüne dek büyümüş ve çoğalmıştı. Savaş hiç bitmemişti ve kurtlar da insanlar arasında gizlice yaşarken büyüyle örülmüş duvarlar ardında askerlik eğitimi alıyorlardı. Genç kurtlar, sürünün neferleri ve özel göreve çıkan ajanları... Hira onları…
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Lady Luck

Inside this town of Forestberg, where nothing usually happens. This town is about to be turned upside down. Chris and his family will have to do everything in their power to survive.
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Collected Short Stories with philosophical messages.

Here is a collection of short stories with philosophical and religious messages about our relationships with the world and each other.
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The dark web

In the Deep web, you can acquire whatever you desire, even your worst nightmares.
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Sauvage [English version]

The herd has been divided, and while Connor does everything he can to keep his people safe, Daven is much more ambitious and wants to take over the entire group. Destroying Connor is his goal and for this, he will use the only weapon with which he knows he will not fail... A wounded woman and Connor's compassion.
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Beast Romance

He is the king of the Wolves, she is one of the princess of the foxes. They are extremely different and both their kingdom seek each other’s downfall. The wolves are fierce, the foxes are crafty. But at the end one kingdom must rule ……. But their constant power struggle kindle an unending passion between them both. To keep their love they must eit…
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Of Wolves and Wings

For as long as anyone can remember, vampires and werewolves have been sworn enemies. The McCords and the Hansens take this rivalry to another level entirely. Can Andi and Bentley defy the rules of not only their kind, but also their feuding families, to be together? If they do, if they engage in this centuries old war, neither of them may make …
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Dream weaver's

"Dreamweavers: Unveiling the Veil": "Dreamweavers: Unveiling the Veil" is an enchanting tale that beckons readers into a realm where dreams and reality intertwine. In a world where skepticism clashes with the extraordinary, the story follows Alex, a reluctant believer in the paranormal, as they embark on a transformative journey of self-discover…
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Michelle's ex-boyfriend

Michelle is an ordinary vet doctor , with a lovable husband , charismatic daughter and stupendous son . However her routine life takes a turn with an abrupt encounter with her long lost past boyfriend. Things get more hideous when they should share the neighbourhood . Even more complicated when her daughter lana is strangely attracted to him . D…
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Revelations of the Enchanted Mirror

Alex, a billionaire who bought an island to get away from the stress of his daily life discovered the island wasn't all that met the eyes. Nope, his island was concealing a mysterious magical realm and he realized that when he fell into a big rabbit hole that tingled with magic and was tossed into a field of flowers shielding an enchanted mirror b…
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Ghost haunting

County home haunted by and lady who appears on the staircase
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The Cries of The Missing Souls

Shirley lived in a small isolated town haunted by invisible forces that cast a shadow over it, dimming its radiance of happiness. Every year several kids disappeared with no trace, her younger sister included, clouding the judgment of the townfolk with fear mingled with bewilderment. As if that wasn't enough to contend with, she kept having these …
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The Haunted National Park: A Tale From The Peter Wood Multiverse

When Peter and his friends sneak out late at night and wander off the beaten trail while visiting the Haunted National Park, they find themselves in the company of a deeply troubled soul whose magical powers threaten to spread her anguish and fury. Both of which manifest themselves in the form of an emerald green inferno. But as they race to help…
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Sen Kimsin?

Her gece rüyalarına giren, gizemli gülümsemesiyle onu büyüleyen bir adam... Yalnızlığa hapsolmuş bir kadın... Bilinmezliğin ve gizemin paranormal hikayesi! #gizem #korku #suç #bikiyarışma
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Blood Lust

Desperation fueled every step as I fled through the dense forest, the relentless pursuit of the Lycans closing in behind me. My heart raced, and my breath came in ragged gasps, each footfall a frantic plea for salvation. The moonlight played tricks through the trees, casting eerie shadows that seemed to reach out for me. Every time I heard a twig …
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The Lighthouse

When the Carribean Pirates set sail to the Swedish Kingdom, get lost encounter a storm and face disastrous events, a lassie, Lavinia washes up on an island where she meets a lighthouse and a dark secret inside...
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Ruhlar Feneri

Bir Efsaneye kulak veren İlyra’nın Ruha dönüşmesi bütün insanları etkiler. Herşey daha yeni başlıyordur. Bu hikaye İlyra’nın soyundan gelen Asara’nın çocukluğundan itibaren ruhları görmesi ve Ruhlar Feneri’nin sesini duymasıyla başlar. Asara’ya inanmak istemeyenler onu Tımarhaneye kapattınca gerçekler bitti sanır ama gerçeklerin beklenmedik şekild…
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The Lighthouse: Under the Inluence of the Blood Moon

When you think you are finally safe, you encounter more challenges to face. Will you and your boyfriend be able to face this natural disaster phenomenon? What happens when you find out that the safer place to take refuge is a haunted one, inhabited by ghosts? Will you be able to live peacefully with these spirits? Will they allow you to stay with …
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“Yaşadığımız dünya yok olalı yüzyıllar oldu. ” Hazine avı için denize açılan bir grup genç ve karşılarına çıkan kadim ırk Linyalar.
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How far would you go to save your best friends life?
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In Bed With The Demon Lord

Clara accidentally summons Dante, a demon, while practicing for a Latin quiz. Any sane person would want to get rid of him, but Clara has come to like him more than she'd like to admit. When Latin practice goes wrong, it can go oh-so-right! All Rights Reserved. This book has only been posted to Inkitt as a preview and to Inkspired and Kindle Vella…
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The Vampire's Bride

Evreninin parçası Belloc Long ago, a family was placed under a curse that could only be broken by the heir falling in love by the rising of the full moon in their hundredth year. When Alissa is chosen as the next bride for the latest heir, she refuses to give him her heart. But fate, it seems, has other plans... CW: Suicide Mention All Rights Reserved. This book has only …
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Ella and Olivia: Little Sisters Never Apart'

Megan was happily married to her boss the owner of the law firm she worked for, one day tragedy strikes her husband dies in a accident but now she is haunted by his presence or what's pretending to be him and it's making her crazy while she's left with two young girls until tragedy strikes again, but this tragedy leaves her and her daughter runnin…
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Love to the Power of Two

The story begins with a pair of twins who were born different. They experienced life conjoined for their early childhood, and were raised on a military base where they take a bus to an urban school. At the opening of their story, the twins are about to be separated for the first time. When the separation finally occurs, one of the twins, Zoe, s…
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Candybox : Box Tales

Everything is normal. A family of 25 normal brothers and sisters, living a normal life, having a normal house, in a simple neighborhood concentrated in a simple city and in an... incredible world. They must recover an inventor's super-powered box from the hands of a manipulative geographer through 6 dangerous games that will test their brotherly b…
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Kan ve Küre

Evreninin parçası Kan ve Küre Yerküre denilen bu kaotik mezarlıktan binlerce silüet geçmişti. İnsanlık kadar eski olan iki ırk ve onların bitmek tükenmeyen savaşı ise belki de içlerinde en çok can alanıydı. Üstelik bir o kadar da küstahtı ki ardında kimseyi sağ bırakmamıştı. Ne büyünün en karanlık sırlarını çözen cadıları ne de klanlarının önlenemez yükselişini yaratan vampir…
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When Nightmares turn to Reality

Death in inevitable, it cannot be avoided yet many people escaped its hands but here's a victim who did her best to remain the last person standing even though she was friends with Death...
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Picnic time!

Ah! Is Saturday, routine and relax day. How I missed it! It's just like living in a dream.
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