Sauvage [English version]

The herd has been divided, and while Connor does everything he can to keep his people safe, Daven is much more ambitious and wants to take over the entire group. Destroying Connor is his goal and for this, he will use the only weapon with which he knows he will not fail... A wounded woman and Connor's compassion.
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Silver Bloodline

In a world where werewolves are common knowledge and walked the earth like normal humans. A mysterious curse forced lycanthropy on the humans without a werewolf bloodline and caused the end of humanity. Follow the Marked brother and sister wolves and a boy named Keith who somehow survived the curse amd travels with the two.
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Weekly new stories and chapters in Fun and scary paranormal stories, The Chainsaw Man, and more coming soon. Will the character's survive? Or will they reach a brutal end? Packed with alot of scary stories and chapters. Follow this story so you don't forget and that you're tuned for more. Sorry for the inconvenience in not making new storie...
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Mirror People

As an undergraduate college student struggling with anxiety and demanding family life, Julieta can't help but feel at her lowest when her classmates isolate her during a field trip to the lands of an Indigenous community. When her legs start feeling strange and a mysterious entity appears to tell her of imminent danger, Julieta realizes she need...
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Angels & Demons A Jewish Perspective

Mankind has always been fascinated by the dark, mysterious & even malevolent forces in the world. Terrifying & haunting images that hide in the primal ravines of our psyche reminding us we are afraid of the dark. Angels & Demons have been a part of western culture now for so long it's deeply embedded in our subconscious. The image of an Angel ...
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El Elevador

Cómo llegué aquí?
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Freeing Anvi

Anvi's used to being a nobody. The runt. The broken one. The submissive. Ever since her parents died in a fire, she's been Alpha Banastre's slave, enduring his daily beatings and chores at the cost of having a home to stay in and a crust of bread to eat at night. Anvi's only shining beacon of light is Alpha Banastre's wife, Luna Hailey, who has ...
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The Monkey on my back. Spirits or Demonic?

a true story, my childhood in a haunted house was very normal to grow up with ghostly activity all the time that I never felt in harms way. When I turned 13 my father sold the house to move to Mesa Arizona. We were all shocked that my dad sold the house.That's a change that was hard for my mother and I didn't like. 2 friends and I have a UFO exp...
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Vampyre: In Cold Blood

Despite ceasing to be, she's never felt more alive. A freshly turned vampyre must traverse a dark and dangerous world where everyone is out for themselves. There's rumours of a slasher roaming the urban streets, a mad vampyre who can see through time, and a grand conspiracy involving the highest players within the Inner Circle. Good luck.
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The Reaper's Bloodhound

IT'S THE INDISPUTABLE TRUTH OF A SHAPESHIFTER; NO MATTER THE COMMAND GIVEN - A WEREWOLF'S LIFE BELONGS IN THE HUMANS' HANDS, AND CAN NEVER BE REMOVED. Testing his limits was the first mistake. Throughout Gabriel Louvell’s life, the humans’ order brought more certainty to what’s right than his own actions, and his fate took a deadly turn when he...
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After the death of someone important in his life, all Alexander could think about was revenge. But how can one go against the most powerful alpha that ever walked earth?
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His Blind Mate

I wanted to leave. Disappear into the crowds as another nameless face and forget about the pain this pack inflicted. I thought things would be better when my mate found me. Unfortunately, he proved to be like the rest of them. So, I freed myself. By the Goddess’s blessing, I escaped that miserable place. That is, until he found me yet again. And...
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Fated: A demon's bride

A demon owns her, another wants to claim her, and an angel refuses to bargain for her freedom. On her 23rd birthday, Dariel is given by her family to a cold red-haired man with haunting emerald eyes as a kind of pagan sacrifice in exchange for fulfilling a torrid desire. She is unaware of Vincent's identity, a fallen angel who attracts trouble...
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Angel in disguise

( ON BREAK MAY RE-WRITE) A " Demon" Turns the paranormal world rightside up... Through a long and hard journey, she finally ends her world. This is from my own personal theory. This is only for fun, sorry if it doesn't make sense. ( The art on the cover is NOT mine! All credit to my boyfrie...
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Perception Immaculate

Do children have a sixth sense; can they realize what adults cannot and is beyond this life? This mini-story is a short account of this possible condition.
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Mind Inside Mine 2

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Hands of Fate (Series)

Gabriel and Nicolaos met several years ago, when Gabe was too young to understand what he was feeling, or the strange bond that was growing between them. The hot nights in Greece were wonderful while it lasted, but events and Nico's brother Demosthenes transpired against them. Now it is several years later and the two star-crossed lovers have cr...
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The Silver Seed

A man is at his cubicle, waiting to commit suicide. A mysterious stranger appears to intervene but not for the reason you may think...
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The Drive

A man, haunted by his past, drives his daughter home from Johannesburg to George for the holidays. Their trip becomes more strange as they travel between Willowmore and Uniondale, South Africa's most haunted stretch of road.
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"The Stein and the Studebaker: Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles"

This synopsis to my in-progress novel of "The Stein and the Studebaker: Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles" summarizes how my main character, Peter Olson, is drawn into circumstances for which he has no frame of reference, no life experience to guide him. My intent is to finish writing this story around mid-July of 2017.
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Of Love And War

the world has changed in a very strange way- after one of the world's biggest conspiracies has been unfolded, humankind finds itself face to face with a world of werewolves and other cryptids. Luckily humans had developed their own army that could fight werewolves, it is called the R.A.Ws (Rise Against Werewolves). Rain is a typical human girl w...
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Years have passed and his hunger grows. She is unwilling to accept her destiny. Only time will tell if the two can come to terms with their destiny as it is already set in motion. . .
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Brokshire Manor

This is a short story: The year is 1920, Eleanor moves into an English home with her daughter Elizabeth. After only a few days Eleanor begins to believe the home is haunted. Though Eleanor’s stay at the countryside manor is strange will she stay or will she run? After learning that the previous owner had disappeared after strange events began oc...
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By Water

Fortune teller foretold to young man hat he would sink in fresh water, but won't notice it. The young man laughed, because he was leaving to Egypt to work in the desert. But just in case the bride made him promise that he won't come close to the Nile, the only unleavened pond of Egypt. By Algernon Blackwood
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The Monkey's Paw

The Monkey's Paw" is a supernatural short story by author W. W. Jacobs first published in England in 1902. In the story, three wishes are granted to the owner of the monkey's paw, but the wishes come with an enormous price for interfering with fate.
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There's no science to any of it

A badger salesman joins a hippie commune
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The Damned by Algernon Blackwood

Known as one of the key figures in the 'weird' horror movement that arose in England and the United States in the early twentieth century, Algernon Blackwood was known for inserting surprising, often sophisticated twists into his tales. The Damned tells the story of a haunted house whose supernatural activity stems from an unlikely source.
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The Mystery of the Semi-Detached by Edith Nesbit

The Mystery of the Semi-Detached was written in the year 1893 by Edith Nesbit.
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