Ejderha Lordları

Evreninin parçası Kearthmentharth Evreni Bu onun yazgısıydı... Daha doğmadan belirlenmişti onun geleceği... Mecburdu, savaşmalıydı... Omuzlarında binlerce insanın yükü vardı... Her şey sona erdiğinde onun sonu ne olacaktı? ᕙ☬ᕗ "Ay parlaklığını kaybedecek. Güneş soğuk yayacak. Tüm evrene dehşet hâkim olacak. Ölüler mezarlarından çıkıp, yaşananları daha da korkunç hâle getirecek. Evrende…
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Vlad Tepeş , bulduğu eski bir büyü kitabı sayesinde elde ettiği güç sayesinde kendi ülkesini kurmak istemiş ve dönemin Osmanlı imparatoru Mehmet'in başına büyük sıkıntılar çıkarıp binlerce masum insanı katletmiştir. Yuşa'nın ailesi ise katledilen insanlar arasındadır. Yuşa uzun yıllar sonunda Vlad'ın kellesi ile İstanbul a döndüğünde ise olayların…
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Casus Prenses

Evreninin parçası AnnCefi Evreni (Hâlâ ücretsiz okuyabilirsiniz, bağış sadece tercihe bağlı.) ___________ Kayıp vakaları çoğaldı. Dosya kademe atlaya atlaya ajanlara kadar geldi. Bu işin sırrını çözmesi için Bell görevlendirildi. Hiçbir şey göründüğü kadar basit değildi. Planlar bozuldu. Bildiğimiz modern dünyadan ayrı, büyülü bir evrene zaman yolculuğu yapıldı. Mantığıyla hare…
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The Kingdom of Shadows: The Awakening of Malachai

In "The Kingdom of Shadows," Erinar, Morgana, and Luka find themselves destined to confront a dark threat looming over the world. With the awakening of Malachai, an ancient being of malevolent power, and his fierce shadow beasts, the balance is threatened. The three heroes must join forces and unravel ancient secrets to face the impending evil. Wi…
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It's me again! And in this diary, it's my coronation! There will be mishap adventures, mix ups and a royal mystery
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The Conciliare - Carry Peace in the Quiver

Evreninin parçası The Concilliare The island of Kacwislets contains many islets which are rich in vegetation and migratory birds which are a feast for the eyes. At the same time, mysterious for human inhabitation. It is a deserted island means lacking human inhabitants and poses a danger for the seekers to lose their way and never return back. Everything is an exception for those…
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The Brothers in an Exile

Evreninin parçası The Concilliare A step forward in getting solved the twenty-year mystery...
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The Dragons Breath Part 1

Sequel to Tolockon and the Sword of Borogon
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Snakes Queen's Flower

Some people like to lead a quiet, stable life. First get out in the meadows when young, then start learning a trade, then start a family and die with dignity as an old man. Unfortunately, the Edevan siblings - much to their mother's displeasure - had no plans to live their lives in such a boring way. Ever since they were children, they had been f…
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The Familiars

Rosilyn Grey. A talented witch and an even more talented archer. Just like her mother, and her grandmother before that, and her-well you get the point. She's feisty, headstrong and independent. And she never forgets a grudge. Meet Wayde Silver. The son of her mothers life-long friend and biggest enemy. While some get a long because of their matc…
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In the quest for control of Zidon, nobles, warriors and wizards fight to obtain the four relics of the dragon and thus rule sovereign over all lands. However, a young pirate and a Nassarze Hunter have the arduous mission of finding and destroying each of the relics, and thus preventing all the nations of Zidon from succumbing to tyranny, and all w…
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Turn Me Back!

Regaining your youth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At 23 years old, expert mercenary Willa Lang isn’t exactly old to begin with, so she’s less than thrilled when an ‘undeserved’ curse turns her back into a younger version of herself. A much younger version - she now looks like a six-year-old. It’s hard enough getting mercenary work when you’re…
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The Astray Ones

The Forsaken, Forgotten and Forbidden magic lies within the forest of the wickeds .... and those who hold this majestic power, can only encounter their own true reflections. 3 brothers strive to create their own path, but with rivalry and contempt within them, they realize that they couldn't succeed. And so, these brothers work together to achieve…
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In a time of peace, Murdoc was content with living on as an alchemist's apprentice until his world is shattered as a mysterious girl crashes into his life. With his world at stake and her life on the line, she kidnaps him into an epic adventure full of death, deceit, magic, and war. With no time to think, he must live with the accusation of being …
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The Horned Child of Reaver and Baroness

The master crafted two legendary swords. Reaver and Baroness. What happened to them is history. Scarlet Dreamer only wanted to become an adventurer, like her grandfather before her, but she never had the courage to pursue that dream until fate opened the door and forced her into the unknown. Fueled by revenge and a sense of duty, her only goal now…
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Lorelei lived alone in a hut, dedicating her days to helping those who requested and delving into magical studies, always in absolute solitude. However, hiding doesn't equal escapism; and sometimes, the means can assist the ending. (Kinda anti-fairy-tale) Illustration comes from an 18th-century esoteric British book
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Tainted in Red

Ishwar Hegadi once thought everything in life was predetermined; that if he struggled against fate, things would only take a bad turn. So he set aside everything he wanted to become the model Prince of Haglendi Kingdom his father wanted him to be. Who would have known that things would suddenly fall into chaos and that he would have to fight again…
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The Knights Square

A Knight brought to his king is about to face the biggest challenge of his life
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A Hero In Between Dream Lines

“We have to make a promise Dawn, we must do,” I nod along with him “Yes…” His minor hand's warm mine, “If one day we separate, that we would find each other again and that we will never stop,” I nod in agreement, “I will never stop Car until I find you again…” He smiles brightly at me, “Me too, princess…” --- A handcuff over my lips softly, “Don…
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A Warriors Tale

Scarlet is a young princess who aspires to be a great warrior and leader for her kingdom, just like her mother was, but after her mothers passing her father forbids her. Her guard Elliot and best friend Violet go on a journey to make her a strong warrior and fight a war which it yet to come.
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1. Deathly Prince.

Daryana Markova used to hear these stories about the myths of her kingdom: faes, dragons, supremes, and more creatures that seemed to be taken from fairy tales. But one day, Darya meets someone who will completely change her perception of the world, including her perception of herself, since Daryana is not human as she seems. Daryana is the key to…
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Finally home

Jazzy moves back to her home town to find that one of the historic homes where she use to play when she was a kids is being torn down, but as she is trying to find a way to stop it.. she finds the house to be as magical as she remembers,.
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The Social Commentaries Of A Villainess

Evreninin parçası Pontibus (Isekai novel) Following her death in a violent accident, Sasha's soul appears inside the body of a villainess from a novel she vaguely remembers. Now, she has to live as Berengaria Monegario, the antagonist who spent years bullying the original heroine. However, this second life doesn't work as one would expect... After going on a magical rampag…
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Return Of My Wolf

Raven had a normal life. Mum, dad, older brother and a dog. Everything was fine until her dog disappeared and she was left heartbroken, lost without him by her side. Then, when her family died, she realised she was truly alone in the world. So, Raven did what she always did when she didn't know what to do, she ran.
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Fox Journal Rebirth

The Journal of Austin that got reborn as a fox Prince in a land of magic and darkness. learn how he suddenly finds himself in a new world trying his best not to get entangled in a web of plots. filled whit magic creation and falling for his childhood friend. Read his Journal to get a third person view of his story... feel free to comment or give …
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Inseparably Forgotten

*This is only part of the book. The full version is on Smashwords* Aodhan is the only person in his village who has crossed the Lichway into the woods belonging to the Sidhe and come back alive and sane. It had happened when he was too young to know any better, and after a while, he and everyone else in the village forgot about it. But They didn'…
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A Swandi Soldier

The young infantryman Dann travels to a foreign nation together with his companions of the Swandia army. There he will know a whole new world, and also stumble upon a secret that will change his life forever.
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Luck's Curse

There are 3 rules that every Luck Castor must adhere to: 1. For every 3 acts of bad luck you must perform an act of good luck 2. For every act of good luck, you will take the equal bad luck counter upon yourself 3. You must never manipulate luck for your own gain Crowley Wintertowne is a Luck Castor, a group of people who are able to manipulate t…
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