The Dangers of the Desert

This is a simple story of a young woman traveling through the desert and the treasure she found. It's a story of spiritual enlightenment for herself and you as the reader. Good luck and hope you enjoy the journey.
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Sometimes the Treasure isn’t hidden it's Just not There

This is a brief counterpoint to the significance of tithing from a philosophical perspective. It's intended only to get the reader to think objectively and to make personal choices in their own life. It's also intended to open up philosophical and theological give and take on the site where all perspectives are openly discussed.
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The Unseen Fears

This is a true to life fear based inspirational writing that goes beyond a mere story about fear itself but rather how fear effects us in our personal lives. The fear we face as human beings is more then just an external threat but rather more often internal and created from the depths of our own mind.
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A Philosophers Search for Meaning Volume Two

This is last addition to a philosopher's search for meaning it includes twenty microfictions philosophical in nature.
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Faith in the Future: Letter to Brave Isabel

Letter addressed to Little Isabel, a princess who has faced challenges from her earliest days. The author, who has also confronted personal struggles, shares her unconditional love and faith in Isabel's strength. Through blood, family connection, and a shared life story, this narrative promises to inspire and remind us of the importance of hope ev…
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Unutmayı Hatırlamak

"Hayatımda hiç boşveren bir insan olamadım ki şimdi nasıl olayım?" Gibi bir bahane kafanızı kurcalıyorsa en can alıcı gerçekliği yüzüne vurma zamanı gelmiştir. Geçmişte üzüldüğünü ya da mutlu olduğunu hatırlayan sen, hiç düşündün mü şu iki şeyi? 1- Neden gün yüzüne çıkmak için bu zaman? 2- Neden hiç unuttuğunu hatırlamaz insan? Geçmişten bugün…
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Jee 2.0

"Hey guys, if you've read my story of JEE and found it relatable, then you'll definitely find this one relatable too. It's not just about JEE; it's about how I coped with my dream and turned it into reality, becoming a robotics engineer and even starting my own company, Humobots. In this story, I'll reveal every step of my life, from my JEE journe…
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Tania and Jesus

Tania goes back in time to meet Jesus.
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Why List of Reality (English ver.)

This is the English version of my personal blog, "Bakit List of Reality" which talk about the real happenings, perceptions and experiences in life.
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Poetry For The Heart

Love is the greatest gift to have and to cherish. It is usually the gift that we can overlook at times. In this book, I want to bring a mixture of poetry and inspirational short stories based on love. I am hoping to enlighten your hearts. Enjoy.
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In this Article of Fact Or Fiction. We will take a look at the subject of Procrastination. What does your Bible say?
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Soul Versus Spirit

In this Article of Fact Or Fiction. We will take a look at the differences between Soul and Spirit. What does your Bible say?
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A World Of Tarot

A short story about a woman named Elara who had encounters with spiritual gifts and fell in love with tarot. Becoming a legend in her town with multiple stories about her journey in life that lived on to be legendary.
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Aonghus, The Last Scottish Sorcerer

This is a story I planned to submit for the "The Magical Quest" challenge, but I got carried away, and it no longer fit the requirements. I decided to take my time and do the story I wanted to do and forget about the challenge. It is a story about the longing for freedom. Scotland's desire to dissolve the union, and remain in the European Union. I…
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Loneliness: a madness or a wealth?

Evreninin parçası Telepathic World of Witchcraft and Mentalism This was a communication article that I exposed in my university. It defines loneliness and isolation and it describes how people can become stronger while being lonely. However, the article reminds people that loneliness can also become dangerous.
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Maturity and Immaturity

Some people feel insecure just for being immature. But immaturity is not something bad. It's actually a good thing.
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"The three sisters"

Title: "Whispers of Sisterhood" Summary: "Whispers of Sisterhood" is a heartwarming novel that follows the journey of three sisters, Sumi, Tora, and Fuji, as they navigate the complexities of life after their father's abandonment and their mother's tragic death. Together, they form an unbreakable bond, sharing both joys and sorrows while pursuing…
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Fancy Quotes

The insighful and inspiring words you may encounter, it will give yourselves a chance to gain wisdom, it will give you a time to read every phrases to have realizations and it will give you an enlightment for your mind and soul. That would be a fancy quotes that was written according to philosophical thoughts and personal experiences of the writer…
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So-called writer

Inkspired's Top #1 for "Inspirational" category, in Spanish, is now out in English! Am I a writer or not? The use of “so-called” is nothing more than moral support to reinforce an idea that, even until now, terrifies me to accept. And you? Do you have any dreams to fulfill? Don't wait for life to send you more signals because, one day, it might c…
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Most beautiful friendship must be kept confidential.

About friendship
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A poem

A poem
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Are we controlling technology or technology is controlling us.

A blog on how technology affecting individuals relationship and lifestyle and what can you do about it.
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Feeling like needing a Time machine

How I need a time machine after reading scripture?!?!?
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A Philosophers Search for Meaning

The is a set of very short stories or observations attempting to say something meaningful in 500 characters or less. It's a group of social and religious commentaries that is universal as opposed to any particular point of view.
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The Collected Stories of Two Hemispheres

This is a social commentary about the northern and southern hemispheres of our world. The thoughts, feelings and actions that make us similar and, those that divide us. The goal of the written project is to bring us all closer together and free from conflict by seeing the world from each others perspective.
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Evreninin parçası El Libro en Blanco Ashley of Nebos reflects on the difficulties of life. She finds herself aboard the “Toothache”, the ship she has shared with her brother since she can remember.
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La Parada (English)

Alicia works at "La Parada," a bar located in front of the bus stops for lines seven and ten. Our protagonist fantasizes about the lives that hide behind her regular customers until one day, two strangers make her take a step further and consider whether it would be worth getting on the bus that someone else missed.
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Elucidations from Beyond

Phsycographed by Hercílio Maes (1964). In this work, Ramatis simplifies transcendental topics concerning the occult constitution of man. The astral and mental bodies (perispirit), the etheric double and its functions, the description and functioning of the etheric and astral chakras, as well as the concepts of prana, are treated in a didactic man…
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