Faith in the Future: Letter to Brave Isabel

Letter addressed to Little Isabel, a princess who has faced challenges from her earliest days. The author, who has also confronted personal struggles, shares her unconditional love and faith in Isabel's strength. Through blood, family connection, and a shared life story, this narrative promises to inspire and remind us of the importance of hope ev…
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A Philosophers Search for Meaning

The is a set of very short stories or observations attempting to say something meaningful in 500 characters or less. It's a group of social and religious commentaries that is universal as opposed to any particular point of view.
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The Collected Stories of Two Hemispheres

This is a social commentary about the northern and southern hemispheres of our world. The thoughts, feelings and actions that make us similar and, those that divide us. The goal of the written project is to bring us all closer together and free from conflict by seeing the world from each others perspective.
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Moment of Wisdom and Inspired

Moment of Wisdom and Inspired are collections of Vivian's wisdom and insight gained through her faith
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Prayer Life

A prayer garden with different prayers suitable for different occasions and different type of human relationships
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My Father's Journals

Javier and Emily are devastated after their parents' death. Two separate events, two completely different situations, but with the same grim consequences. They return home, grief-stricken, dejected, and overwhelmed, to fulfill their last wishes. Among the boxes full of belongings collected through their lost lives, they come across a series of jou…
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