Crimson Rose Nightmare

In a desolate, old house, where the wind wails mournfully, Mary and John's Valentine's Day takes a chilling turn. As they sit down for a special dinner, shadows dance ominously, revealing a mysterious locket that awakens long-buried nightmares. The haunting melody of a forgotten music box resurfaces, accompanied by a ghostly figure from John's pas…
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The West Branch Family that was Attacked by Bigfoot

As a clinical psychologist, I encounter a lot of strange stories that people claim are true. This is perhaps one of the strangest that left me wondering if it was true or fictional? All I know is as a resident of West Branch I try to stay out of the woods and if ever you visit here you should too.
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The Michigan Chronicles

The Michigan Chronicles Explores Crypted creatures and other spooky events taking place in the State of Michigan. Before you read light up a nice fire and a hot drink in order to keep warm and remain safe from the things that go bump in the night.
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Pits and Pitchforks

My name is Wesan, or at least it used to be. For eons I have wandered the earth, crawling under the skin of the miserable to share their pain. ¿Do you know what it's like to live in constant suffering for eternity? Well, you're about to find out. (Side note: English it’s not my first language, so if there’s something wrong, please let me know.)
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The monster

When little Williams gets lost in the forest, Oliver searches for him desperately. What he doesn't know is the kind of monsters lurking in the thicket.
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A man trying to evoke a fragment of his childhood, a spider trapped in a jar, and a girl irritated by her parents' neglect. There are times when small decisions intertwine and lead to significant events.
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The Devil's Tales

The following stories are inspired by life itself; brief, chilling, and strange.
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Transformation. By Mary Shelley

A macabre, sinister, and supernatural tale, Mary Shelley's Transformation is a masterpiece of Gothic writing.
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In the sprawling mist-shrouded town of Rustledge, four women embark on dangerous journeys that will collide in a confrontation with madness. Victoria Van Helsing searches for answers about her missing father, navigating the town's treacherous alleyways. Her investigation brings her into conflict with supernatural forces lurking in the fog. Inv…
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Queen Of Madness: Legend of Alice Liddell

Committed to the grim Rustledge Asylum against her will, Alice Liddell finds herself plagued by haunting visions of Wonderland and tormented by manipulative Doctor Bumby's brutal "treatments". As reality and fantasy blur under the electric shocks intended to purge her mind of dreams, Alice discovers that Wonderland has decayed into a maddening rea…
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Escape from Krampus

The story starts as a group of kids who must escape the wrath of the Krampus and find a way to restore the joy of Christmas. Through bravery, unity, and forgiveness, they conquer the darkness, accepting the power of love and friendship. It teaches us that redemption is possible and that the true magic of Christmas lies in compassion and togetherne…
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Bilinmezlik (+16)

Yakınlaşıyorum. Asabiler. Silüetlerini görüyorum. Öfkeliler. Ürperiyorum. Sanki beni çağırıyorlar ama adımı duymuyorum. Titriyorum... ❗ Yetişkin içeriklidir; kan, şiddet, travmatik ve tetikleyici unsurlar bulunmaktatdır ❗
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CLOVER Book 2: Invasion

After fleeing New York and residing on Bear Island, Beatrice and Clover return to New York to fight against the Military and take back their freedom.
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Dahil: stories ($3/ay)

Nightmarish Chronicles: A Journey into Darkness (horror)

The Nightmarish Chronicles: A Journey into Darkness is a spine-chilling book that takes readers on a terrifying adventure through the realm of fear. As its protagonist navigates through haunted depths, sinister shadows, and cursed nightmares, they uncover the depths of despair and encounter midnight terrors beyond imagination. The abandoned realm …
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The Waking Dead: Chronicles of the Zombie Virus (horror/survival)

In "The Waking Dead: Chronicles of the Zombie Virus," experience the terrifying journey as a peaceful world falls victim to an unstoppable virus. Witness the transformation of the living into the undead, as the virus spreads through every corner of society. Follow the desperate quest for a cure amidst the chaos, as survivors battle hordes of raven…
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Dark of Days pt.2

The tale of the mysterious cemetery and the ghostly apparition was only the first chapter of a much larger and more enigmatic story, one that would test their friendship and challenge their understanding of the supernatural. The night was far from over, and the friends had unknowingly set themselves on a perilous path that would lead them deeper i…
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Shadows of the Harvest Moon Part II (Gothic/horror)

This story is about a scary journey our characters take on Halloween night. In the second part of "Shadows of the Harvest Moon," things get darker. They uncover the truth about revived spirits and face the effects of curses. They also have to deal with moral problems because of supernatural forces they can't control. As the characters go deeper in…
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The Dark of Days

The tale of the mysterious cemetery and the ghostly apparition was only the first chapter of a much larger and more enigmatic story, one that would test their friendship and challenge their understanding of the supernatural. The night was far from over, and the friends had unknowingly set themselves on a perilous path that would lead them deeper i…
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Shadows of the Harvest Moon Part I (Horror/Halloween)

This is a story about a group of people who accidentally discover a frightening secret on Halloween night. As they uncover the truth, they become involved in a realm where the distinction between the living and the dead is unclear. In the first part of "Shadows of the Harvest Moon," the main theme revolves around ancient spirits awakening and stra…
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Clover Book 1: Arrival

Beatrice is a normal girl living in East Manhattan. When a monster rampages the city, she slowly begins seeing she has a connection with it, leading her down a path with more questions than answers.
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Fallen Star by Tyler B.

Evreninin parçası TB. Universe A radio station in Bates Creek called Horne Station has brought 3 people to examine the dark past of both the town and their own company. Jason Marlon was hired the most recently to do a paranormal investigation in the radio station where he discovers a secret portion to the building that seems to go on forever. Mark Sullivan used to work at the o…
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The twins Keil and Neil meet a devastating fate in their pursuit of fame and wealth when they run into the director of a freak show, Mr. Albert Murris. He has big plans for the two, but never would they have guessed that achieving what they had wished for would require such gruesome tactics. A spiral into madness and despair. Reader's discretion…
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Evreninin parçası DOORS Do you know the game, Doors, on Roblox? If you know it, you know what this story's about except, in the real world not the game. (Based on the Roblox Game: Doors and my friends who play this game.)
#4 içinde Korku 3 BÖLÜMLER 6.7k görüntüleme 15 5 Devam etmekte

≠Haze≠|◾Halloween Special 2022◾ ©

ᴬ ᴹᵘʳᵈᵉʳ ⁻ ᴬ ˢʰᵒᶜᵏⁱⁿᵍ ᵀʳᵘᵗʰ When you are interrogated about being a part of the killing of your family, how would you react? [just something for the Halloween vibes of 2022, I know it's quite late for that now] STORY FOR 18+, no gud for kidz ⚠️Warning⚠️: graphic content, blood, murder. The illness in this story is not romanticized, nor are the …
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The Ranch by Tyler B.

Evreninin parçası TB. Universe David Hughes, an old man, is subject to increasing boredom as his life is uneventful. He lives in a small town in Utah where the KKK is running rampant and he is a black man. He needs an escape. A woman by the name of Samantha Kates gives him what he believes he wants, a job at a ranch researching paranormal and supernatural activity. David disc…
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The Toll

The Toll is a novel based on the horrific experience of a group of friends who went to an old house to spend their vacation. While the house itself was ordinary looking but the secret it hides were dark, the moment those secrets started unfolding something malevolent also came with that. Now the only question left was if they survive what would th…
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Katil Karnavalı✔️

Karavanla şehirleri gezen bir grup genç bir gün lunaparka gitmeye karar verirler. Peki, bunları yaşayacaklarını kim bilebilirdi ki?
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