Transformation. By Mary Shelley

A macabre, sinister, and supernatural tale, Mary Shelley's Transformation is a masterpiece of Gothic writing.
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The skittering of rats

You ever want to know what was going on in the mind of that crazy guy locked in the basement? Well now you can!
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Fear, anguish, and dread are some of the main ingredients to make any reader fall in love with horror, leaving their complexion pale and their hair standing on end. No wonder! Who doesn't like a plot that's, like, loaded with suspense and mystery, and keeps you hooked until the very last page?! That's exactly what the short story “Nightmare” is ...
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From Beyond

"Are you familiar with the feeling of when we are very stressed and, out of the blue, life comes and gifts us with something good? Well, living this good experience is a great relief, isn't it? Well... Except for Mr. Igor, whom, after so much rush to resolve the issue of his great-grandmother's land, ends up meeting a very nice old couple, but i...
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Bloody Sunday

After days and days of tension in the office, finally the young realtor Renato was able to take a deserved vacation after all the work in the past months. His destination? A trip with his family from Florianópolis to a farm in Sanclerlândia, Goiás, where his in-laws live. Renato just didn't count that his moments of leisure and rest, from out of...
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The Ballet Teacher

A girl who is practicing her ballet dance, is 'helped' by a former teacher at the school she is attending. Little did she know that the teacher is dead and tying to kill her too
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Morgan Henley, 15 arrives at the orphanage after both her parents died in an horrific cruise ship accident while they were on vacation. Brimhill Orphanage is a nice place at first but the longer Morgan stays the the sinister it becomes. Who is Amanda? And why is she so keen on being Morgan's friend? Will Morgan expose Brimhill's secrets or will ...
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The sons of Nöx

Have you heard about the Alexandria’s genesis? People with very rare physical birth characteristics. Such as a very pale skin tone. A resistance to disease. Longevity. And perhaps the most distinctive trait, an intense violet color in the iris of the eyes. This is an impure heritage, almost extinct on our plane. A lost vestige; very ancient, com...
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Madame Lerbrt was respected by local society in ancient Europe, for taking care of abandoned or rejected children by his adoptive parents. On his birthdays that they never spent of 42, Madame Lerbrt always received a gift from his son named Julius, were always expensive gifts. On this birthday, Madame Lerbrt expected some exotic animal as she ha...
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Baby’s of Devil

The girl left the dance floor and took the glass that was offered to her with an almost blooming blue liquid, she raised the huge glass to her mouth and felt a taste of imaginary perfection. Just one more sip and she already felt like the best person in the world of Chaos. She went towards the bathroom, it didn't have a male or female sign, she ...
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The Curse

EVERY TWO CHAPTER WILL BE PUBLISHED AT THE WEEKEND. A thief who went to rob a house which belonged to a mischievous family. As everyone believed that the family is very rich and a mystery thing is hidden in their house. But, no one knows what is inside it and what it is.
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Red Spots

Along time ago appeared a strange illness called "The red spots" This illness contaminated trees and after suffered a methamorphosis, it was expanded animals and humans. This illness caused lost mind, everybody in the village forgot how to do all and dead.
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Fertile Period

A serial killer on the run for years is back on the streets. A beautiful redhead waits anxiously for her husband to arrive. These are more than perfect ingredients for the frenetic plot of “Fertile Period”, a horror tale loaded with so much tension, to the point of leaving the hairs on the body standing on end. On the fateful dawn of Adriane's b...
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Auto Rickshaw's Tomb

This is a type of short story based on a real story! A girl who had a terrific dream wakes her up and that happens in the reality
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Horror & Lore One Shots Anthology

Some of the most terrifying creatures from lore emerge to terrify along with the darker elements of human nature to provide some unsettling situations. Including blackmail, monsters, and terrifying discomfort. 01 - THE MASQUERADE 02 - THE WRONG ONE 03 - SHE BELONGS TO ME 04 - NIGHTMARE MAN 05 - A TWISTED SATYR
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The Monster Within

The Monster Within
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RECKIUM based a secreted seal, where a true evil awaits humanity and the dimensions of realms. There will be bloodshed through the cosmos, where heaven will reach its limits to save humanity.
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The Door

She falls out of a seat and someone or some creature is chasing her. Will she lose her?
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A Dangerous Love Story

Shikar (A Dangerous Love Story ) Book 1 The story that sweeps through time, Story about love and dignity. Story about a young girl who is mysteriously webbed in her past life, how her own life suffocates her to death and how she manages to escape and fight the evil... She was rich, beautiful, the most lovable girl in the town. She helped her...
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The oak plantation (true story)

A horror photo shoot! True story
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The Horror Story

The Story is full of tanginess and a shortened drama...!
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ZOMBIES : Rise Of The Dead

The rise of zombies have risen attacking a small country town, A group of locals band together to take on the Horde and save the human race.
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A Virus and A Mirror

Blaine contracts a supposedly lethal neurovirus and develops unheard of abilities. After escaping, Auden and Blaine team up to find out more about the virus. But they may find something very unexpected...
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The House

Horror story of a house that is old and haunted that scares a girl, but then the girl will gradually fall in love with someone and then the story will go back to being about horror. It is a horror-romance. The house is only haunted in the night, during the day it is normal most of the time, but usually only at night it is haunted and scary. A gi...
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Rose academy

Thirteen year old Gia Wilson is an extremely smart girl with a very high IQ. When she gets accepted into a very prestigious school she is determined to try her best. But what she doesn’t know is that behind the beautiful school and lovely scent of roses at every corner is just the cover up to hide the terrifying secret. Now she has to graduate o...
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To thegrave

A story about a greedy man. Will he change and learn his ways? Find out.
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The Sunnyside Stalker

Candy was on her way home from a convention when her car breaks down and is stuck in the small town Sunnyside. Soon she learns of a mysterious murder on the loose.
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Evreninin parçası Silverwolf Beware of the silver moon
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