Forbidden Flames

Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some it's just because they can. For some it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Once they had a taste, they couldn't just leave it at that. They had to go back for more. Despite the risks, the same students and teachers are getting caught up in forbidden moments once again. *** Forbid…
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(YETİŞKİN İÇERİK!!) Elim omzundan saçlarına gömüldüğünde erkekliğinin sertliğini kadınlığımın girişinde hissettim. Orada olduğunu yok sayarak öpüşmeyi devam ettirdim. Dili ve dişleri ağzımı yok ediyordu. Ve bu yok oluş hiç bu kadar zevkli olmamıştı. Kadınlığımda olan erkekliğini, ıslak kadınlığıma sürttü. Kadınlığım cayır cayır yanıp zonklamaya b…
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Easy As Panty Pie

Evreninin parçası The Horniverse Izumi Nakagawa. Friend of the rich snob Aneko Ito, the yoga nut Sara Suzuki, the party girl Eizan Odori, as well as to her secret lesbian Goth mistress, Koroko Meguro. Being the shy and reserved bookworm of the group, her standing with the other four childhood friends now college girls was not so good, especially with Koroko as Izumi and her had a…
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What Is Deserved: The Tale Of Beth Draco

Evreninin parçası The SARTAM Universe Having been living a relatively sound and stable life as a female Cinthyan for four long weeks, Beth's calm, heterosexual life gets turned upside down upon meeting Rana Snivelak once again. Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context about this character as well as the best reading experience, please read 'The Transition In Life: The Story Of C…
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Dahil: Honorary Cinthyan (‎€5/ay)

SARTAM: The Tale Of Melina Aranos

Evreninin parçası The SARTAM Universe Ah yes, Melina Aranos. When she isn't spending her Relevancy Points on shopping sprees, this 28 year old woman sleeps with any male stranger with a dominant personality. Her lifestyle choice was made worse given the fact that her father, Arnva Aranos, was upper-class and being groomed to be in charge of the artificial planet, Cinthyatar. This is…
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Dahil: Honorary Cinthyan (‎€5/ay)


The fear of a tormented single woman, who has been visited by aroused spirits during the night, leads her to look for help of a local priest. Following his perverse instructions in how she should proceed to rescue her peace, she submits herself to sadistic and sexual rituals.
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The great seeds

A mature man frustrated with his sexual life decides to put some spicy in his relationship. For that he manages a way to manipulate his very conservative girlfriend to behave the way he wishes.
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Panna Cotta

A Master/Slave couple enjoying their especial relationship in a small town on a Saturday. The Master decides to show in public how obedient is his slave.
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This is the story of Gertrude, a mature single woman that meets a farmer in a Café of a small town. Life was not very much exciting there. They start an affair, and she is determined to hold the relationship. For that she submits herself to a HuCow transformation.
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King Of Lust

Dorrek Vladimir, a young inexperienced warlock joins Whitemourne Academy for the gifted. A place where young ones like him can learn to control their gifts and live among others freely, but also a place where the ruthless king of lust himself calls it his turf, and finds it unpleasant when a rebellious warlock such as Dorrek, refuses to be bossed …
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Geçmişin ve geleceğinin arasındaki savaş, kimliğin. Ardındaki gölge, ensendeki şüphe; saklı nefes. Gözün gördüğü, kulakların duyduğu; kör ve sağır kaldığın gerçek. Aklına mühür, bağcıklarındaki düğüm; geçmiş. Göğüs kafesinin altındaki et parçası, üç ana damarın beslediği ve büyüttüğü; aşk. Seçimlerin yarattığı, sonuçlarına katlandığın karanlık…
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Picture This

Picture This is a very involved interactive erotic tale that starts off with a girl in high school and can lead to several erotic scenes that will leave you wanting to picture that and everything else in this creative sexy adventure.
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Forbidden Desires

Sometimes, it's not about being in love. Sometimes it's just for fun. Sometimes it's because they can. And sometimes it's for their own pleasure. Whatever their reason, these people are giving into their forbidden desires, no matter the consequences it may bring. Forbidden Desires is a collection of one shots where every touch is more forbidden…
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He Was A Vampire Saga Book 1 Love and Desire

Jackie, a resilient single mother of two daughters, found herself in a challenging situation after her separation from her husband. Despite their agreement to share custody of the girls equally, with one week spent with her and the other with him, Jackie was already struggling to make ends meet. The added stress of the custody arrangement was taki…
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Into You

Training, training, and you guessed it-training. that's all Siren Moonstone knows. After her twin sister was murdered and her mother was kidnapped, that's all her father, Alpha Lawrence taught her. I mean what better way to make sure you have a strong army than to raise your own General by hand? She had learned a lot from her father. Like how to t…
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Date Night - Alter Story

David's girlfriend, Allice has a couple of days off and invites him for a night out. What she has planned may be mundane, but with a memorable twist. This is the whole night as it happened with very few details left out.
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Dahil: Of Magic and Memberships (‎€3/ay)

Forbidden Passions

Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some, it's just because they can. For some, it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Whatever their reason, these students are letting themselves get into something they really shouldn't: a moment of forbidden passion with their teachers. *** Forbidden Passions is a collection of teacher/…
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Sometimes, the only solution to kill the urge to kiss someone's mouth is to let the impulse speak louder
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Another Kind of Love

A one-short erotic romance about a throuple. A MMF pairing who find love and comfort in a hard time. Heat rating: Medium with lots of fluff.
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Lust and Leather

A one-short story about a plus size doctor getting all the love she needs. Lust and Leather is a one-shot, high heat, steamy erotica. Romance does not play a large part in this story. Explicit content, for adults only.
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The Road to Hell

A one-shot story based on a larger serialized story and universe I am building. Read on for a sweet declaration of love and a sexy, hot smut scene. There's more where this came from!
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Take Me

A dream about my starlight and what I would like her to do to me
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Filling You Up

A series of erotic dreams
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Out of Control

Dream I had about my starlight.
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Pieces of the Same Puzzle

One night, young Stella wakes up in an unknown place, and despairs because she doesn't know where she is. 'What a strange place is this?! -- she wonders. It turns out that the atmosphere is gloomy, full of whispers and indiscernible voices, with only the faint light of the candles, now and then, dancing their cowardly beams of lights in the almost…
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Motel Room

Does beauty attract loneliness? Why is it that some seemingly perfect people never manage to connect with their surroundings? Is it because they are snobby and arrogant? Or are they old souls, that is, souls tired of accumulated experiences from other lives, wallowing in relief in such a barren reality of depth? Discover the story of Maycon, a boy…
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The Girl in Blues

Jonathan stared at the wedding ring in his hand with pain. 'Lucky me, I didn’t engrave our names on it.' His ex-wife divorced him to live adventures with other men. Jonathan felt like he lost his time in that relationship, after nine years of dedication to it. What Jonathan didn’t expect to find was a motive to overcome his ex-wife in his favorite…
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Storm Warning

Selena is caught at work during an intense storm that has hit her city. All she wanted to do was leave and make it home, but when plans don't go as expected, she realizes she is glad that she ended up staying. *** WARNING*** This story is erotic fiction with adult content, sexual situations, and graphic language. Only for 18+ (Written and publish…
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