Revolution of Self-Love

English Translation of "Revolución del Amor Propio" Sofía, devastated by a heartless rejection, spirals into the depths of bulimia. In the hospital, she crosses paths with Andrés, a fellow warrior in the battle against their inner demons. Together, they confront various hurdles, including the unexpected return of the person who caused Sofía so muc…
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Broken Horizons

In a tranquil coastal town in Chile, Valentina and her twin sister Daniela lead ordinary lives—until a devastating earthquake shatters their world. As chaos ensues, the sisters must navigate the wreckage, facing harrowing challenges and forging unbreakable bonds of resilience. Will they find the strength to survive amidst the ruins, or will the af…
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Sunset Reckoning: The Fragile Threads of Friendship

Ashley and Marcus, once inseparable, navigate the challenges of growing apart. A chance to rebuild their friendship arises, but a looming departure threatens to unravel their renewed bond.
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Lost Memories, Interconnected Destinies

English translation of "Recuerdos Perdidos, Destinos Entrelazados". Alexia immerses herself in an unknown world. Her memories fade away, but a necklace and a name, Dante, draw her toward a forgotten past. The story unfolds amidst a special friendship, a declaration of love, and a mysterious accident. As she confronts her past, Alexia embarks on a …
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Life of a Side Character

In every story, there are Main Characters and Side Characters. We all know the stories of the Main Characters. Their stories of adventure and romance bring us happiness and joy when we read about them. But what about Side Characters? Gabrielle Swanson is a professional side character. She plays her role well and enjoys helping her protagonists to …
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Tear Drops On Ferns

A heart felt story of a woman that loses her husband and attempts to cope with life without him
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Mob Heiress

After all those years locked in that basement being raped and beaten every second of our lives, we managed to escape from that disgusting place where we had been since we were six and seven years old and our parents sold us for a little money to get cocaine. Everyone who saw us on the street turned away from us, they didn’t care that we were all b…
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With her memory lost Amelia embarks on the journey of finding out more about her past. With each new discovery brings a painful memory about her past. Will she be able to overcome and begin her life again or will she drown in the painful memories of her past?
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[ENG] Element/Incitator

Martin Deeplet is accused of the alleged induced suicide of one of his classmates and must prove his innocence to avoid deportation. The government and the school launch an experimental investigation method in which he must speak with people close to the victim for three months. Will he be able to prove his innocence, and what secrets are hidden b…
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Excuse me, while I kiss the SKYE

#hashtags of just one person can change quickly and also everything around us
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"You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren't alone." ― Jeanne McElvaney
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[ENG] Element/Emily [Book 0]

That girl, despite being able to possess powers, lived a normal life. That girl, even though the whole world might look down on her, didn't care, because she was loved by her family. Obviously this could not last forever. A traumatic event and a painful truth will change Emily and force her to follow a thorny path. Emily goes through her first tr…
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